Non Scale Victories

Let’s talk about NON SCALE VICTORIES!!

One of the main things I have my clients focus on during their fitness journey is the non scale victories. Even when their goal is weight loss, there are more important factors to pay attention to that I feel have WAY more value than the blinking number on the scale.

Recently I have had quite a few clients sharing their non scale victories with me, which I adore by the way😘

Here are some of them:

I don’t obsess with weighing myself everyday anymore.

I know I’m making progress because my belly does not go past my belt buckle.

I can tell my legs are leaner because they don’t spread out as far as they use to when I’m sitting down.

I use to wear baggy pajamas to bed and now I go to bed naked

I had lots of stamina and strength to carry boxes moving into my new house.

I am more confident in dealing with my personal struggles.

I walk around naked in front of my husband more often

I can do full push ups and unassisted pull ups for the first time in my life💪🏻

Tracking my food consistently has been a real eye opener. It’s helped me lose weight and is very effective!


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