Do you struggle to find the motivation to stay on track during the holiday season?

grumpy christmas cat


It’s gets dark early.


It’s cold.


Holiday commitments take up more of our time.


I’m tired.


I’m just too stressed!!


I get it and I’m right there with ya 🙂

Here are some helpful tips that will help you stay on track and get you through this holiday season.

It’s ok to shorten your workouts. Something is always better than nothing. Instead of your usual five one hour long sessions, back it down to three or four thirty minute sessions.

Go for a brisk walk. Walking can help lower stress levels which in turn can lead to better food choices. So lace up your sneakers and hit the pavement rather than sitting down with the Christmas cookies.

diet meme

Ask a friend to commit to working out with you through the holidays. The fact that someone is waiting on you to workout will most likely keep you from ditching your workout session.

Cut yourself some slack. I always tell my clients that the holiday season is a good time to focus on maintenance. It takes the stress out of feeling like every time we indulge we failed and then end up eating #allthefood.

Pick two things and make them your *Big Rocks* Stick with them no matter what!! Maybe it’s drinking 60 oz. of water, making a green protein shake or walking daily. Make these things the foundation of your day to day activities and if nothing else goes as planned at least you can feel good about sticking to your *Big Rocks*


I hope all this helps!


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