Can having a workout buddy help your fitness goals?


People always think I’m a runner. I’m just a girl who lifts weights but doesn’t look like it 🙂


The short answer. YES!

In yesterday’s blog post, here’s the link in case you missed it 🙂

One of the strategies I suggested to stay on track during the holidays is to ask a friend to workout with you for accountability and motivation. You are less likely to cancel a workout session if you have someone waiting on you!

I have found that works for many of my clients as well as myself.

I have recently suffered from a bout of low motivation to workout. This was a strange feeling to me. I rarely experienced it and not for this length of time. I knew the only option was to ask friend to workout with me and it really has helped. We have both discussed during our sessions that we both push harder and in turn have a kick ass workout session!!




There have been many instances that I even told my friend that if we weren’t meeting up for a workout I probably would have skipped. Maybe I didn’t sleep well {what else is new} had too much to do that day or just didn’t feel like it. Whatever the reason was I was always glad I showed up 🙂

Here are a few tips how to pick the right workout partner.

If you do decide to recruit a workout buddy make sure they are at a similar fitness level. Neither one of you wants to get frustrated or feel bad that one of you is holding the other back.

Your workout partner should have similar fitness goals as you. If you are wanting to lift weights to get lean and your friend wants to run long distances to try and lose weight neither of you will be happy with the end result. Make sure you communicate clearly what your goals are and set a plan from there. Fail to plan=Plan to fail

Make sure they are reliable. Cancelling more than showing up will defeat the purpose of having an accountability partner and it could hurt the friendship.

Working out with a friend is a great way to catch up with each other’s lives. Be sure that your workout partner doesn’t take up too much of the workout time talking and taking long breaks.


Do you prefer to work out alone or with a buddy?








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