Transformation Tuesday (EEEKK)


People think I’ve always had abs. Wrong!


OMG!  It’s the first time I’ve posted a pic of me at my heaviest and unhappiest. I was scared to hit the post button!

Here it goes.

This picture of me on the left is about 14 years ago. I was wearing a size 14 and weighing around 175lbs. Not cool at all 😦 I can still remember the moment it all changed.  It was Valentines Day and I recently got out of a serious relationship. I remember getting dressed and my size 14 pants were getting tight. I stared at myself in the mirror and I vowed this is the last day that I am going to feel bad about myself and my body! I joined Weight Watchers that same day.

I am a type A personality. Yes, I can finally admit this. I logged my points online like it was my job. I ate 5- 6 small meals a day. Remember those 100 calorie snack packs? They were my savior! It was the beginning of my journey to learning about food, nutrition and being in touch with my body. It wasn’t perfect by any means but it was a start.

As far as workouts, I walked with my sister several times a week and did random things at the gym and took some kickboxing classes. I mostly used the cardio machines and if I was feeling really good that day I would venture into the weight machine area.

I managed to lose about 35 pounds in six months. I was getting in my groove!

2005-I was lucky enough to have a gym open up right by my apartment. I joined the gym and nervously ventured into a spinning class. I was scared to death!  I was basically thought I was going to die and fall off the bike. I had no idea that I would become absolutely hooked. My heart was beating out of my chest, my legs were like a bowl of jello but I was riding high from that feeling of accomplishment. I did it!! After attending classes religiously I would think to myself during class, “If this instructor can do this so can I”.

At this point I lost another 5 pounds and tons of inches because none of my clothes fit. I mean NONE! I basically had to buy a whole new wardrobe. What an amazing feeling. It motivated me to do more.

When I decide to do something I am ALL in!! I immediately searched out the top spinning certifications and found one near my area that I could take as soon as possible. Done and Done!


St Lucia 094

2008-On my honeymoon in St. Lucia 🙂 At this point I was teaching lots of cardio classes and doing what I thought was lifting weights.



In 2012 I decided that what I was doing still wasn’t making me happy.  I was teaching all those classes, lifting weights and training tons of clients. My schedule was CRAZY! I would stuff my face in the car or was literally eating as I was getting into the shower. Bags of food and stinky clothes cluttered my car. I was hungry all the time and felt like my body was going through a vicious cycle. Plus I was working my ass off and not seeing any results. Sound familiar??

Despite having the personal and professional experience I had to really figure out what my next step was going to be. I decided to really embrace lifting weights. I had been doing it for years but it obviously not the way I should have been. I started lifting weights five times per week and tracking my nutrition. I immediately knew I had found my groove. I slowly started cutting back on teaching classes and just focused on strength training.


2011-I was teaching 3-4 spin classes per week and probably was at my thinnest around 128 pounds.

By the start of 2013 I decided to quit teaching spinning and just focus on personal training and nutrition. Not only did this make my life less crazy but my body did a huge sigh of relief!! I was getting stronger, didn’t give a flip about what the scale said and I was feeding my body in a way that made it grow stronger and actually see changes for all the hard work I was doing. I was still lifting weights 4-5 days a week and eating tons of food!

2013-present.  I had quite a few challenging events that happened during those years. But despite the stress, heartache,disappointments and setbacks {probably some of the worst years of my life} one thing was always constant and that was my workouts. Sure there were periods of time where I didn’t track my food, skip workouts, drank too much wine or would eat mac and cheese for dinner. Some days all I could manage was a walk or short lifting session just to relieve some stress.

Life isn’t fair and it certainly isn’t perfect. I know that I am in control of how I handled the situations. Having this mindset that not everyday has to be perfect and accepting that good was good enough for that day.



Lifting weights has changed my life more than you will ever know!

I have a burning desire to help women *Find Their Fit*

I want them to know that you don’t have to kill yourself in the gym. You don’t have to run to lose weight or get in shape. You don’t have to starve yourself to look good or never eat carbs again. Breakfast is not the most important meal of the day, they all are. What your friend does may not necessarily work for you. Lifting weights will not make you bulky. Doing crunches will not give you abs. The scale is not the end all be all to telling you how you look and feel. No foods should be off limits and you CAN eat and lose weight.

Lifting weights and good nutrition WILL make you stronger {physically and mentally} more confident, happier, give you energy, have a healthier metabolism, oh and nice arms during tank top season doesn’t hurt either 🙂

But most importantly, ALWAYS do what makes you feel good about YOU! Be patient, consistent and trust the process. xo

I’m here to help and always listening! I would love to hear your transformation story. Email me at to share your story or inquire about training and nutrition programs.










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