Jenn’s Weekly Faves

IMG_1296I’m not a fan of “The Biebs” but I definitely love what this message is saying here. This is probably the number one topic that comes up when I talk to new clients. In order to have muscle tone you have to BUILD MUSCLE. Not in an Arnold kind of way but in a lean, tight and svelte kind of way. It is typically very hard for a woman to build muscle. Of course, body type, genetics, exercise programing and diet play a role in this. I can definitely say that I would rather have MUSCLE than be soft and squishy! Wouldn’t you agree?



I’m loving my new Lululemon grey hoodie. It’s so warm and comfy! I can wear it while I work and transition it over to casual wear. I loved it so much I had to get a navy blue one too 🙂



Smoothies taste better in a wine glass. Or maybe it’s because I’m *fancy* like my sister says.

I know. Smoothies are nothing new for me. I love them in the summer time but when the cold weather rolls around not so much. I’ve really been struggling to eat enough veggies. They just sound gross to me right now. So a green smoothie is the best way for me to fix that problem.  I’m trying to drink them  3-4 times a week.

Here’s the recipe:

6-8oz unsweetened vanilla almond milk

1 scoop Optimum Nutrition Chocolate protein powder

2 handfuls of baby kale

12 grams of PB2

100 grams frozen banana ( or a pretty small one)

stevia and cinnamon to your liking (optional)




I’m obsessed with candles! It’s the first thing I do when I get home  is light all my candles. Something about it is just soothing to me. I found this brand several years ago at a Hallamark store and fell in love! Though they don’t carry this brand anymore, I can usually find my favorites on Amazon.  I love the scent pictured above, the biscotti and tobacco but they are all yummy!



This Quinoa Crunch salad from Lyfe Kitchen. Got get it. Now! I added chicken of course #BECAUSEPROTEIN!





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