Fitness is a Journey and a FREE workout!

Boy! My workouts have changed quite a bit over the years!
I started out as the “cardio queen”, taking random fitness classes, unstructured weight lifting, running or should I say trying to run😜, random whatever I felt like doing workouts {that never works}, and in the last few years metabolic strength and conditioning workouts and body part weight training splits.
Fitness is a journey and in the course of that journey life ebbs and flows. Physique goals, time restraints, job demands, family, children, stress and illness all demand our time and attention.
It’s just reality!
I like to vary my workouts but always keep my priority on strength training and intensity. That means how many days, how long or how hard I workout will change based on the variables I discussed above.
The two things that ALWAYS stays the same is my dedication and consistency  to the process!
Ok. On to the workout!
Here’s a lower body {strength} workout designed to build nice strong stems!
Use a weight that does not allow you to do more than 12 repetitions with good form.
SET 1:
Db front lunge (one leg at a time)
Db shoulder elevated hip thrusts
Set 2:
Goblet squats
Db single leg Romanian deadlift
Set 3:
Single leg glute bridge (pause at top)
Stability ball hamstring curl
Try it out and let me know how you liked the workout!
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