Healthy Flatbread Pizza


Friday Night Date Night 🙂


I posted a pic of my Flatbread pizza Friday night and a funny conversation me and my hubby had. Check out the convo HERE!

I could honestly eat pizza every week and not get sick of it. It could have something to do with my Italian heritage 🙂 But honestly my hips and thighs would not appreciate this pizza habit on a weekly basis.

So I decided to come up with a healthier and macro friendly pizza that does not leave me feeling like aa BLOB the next day!

It’s so easy to make and the possibilities are endless to how many ways you can make your pizza. Switch up sauces, toppings, cheeses and veggies.

This pizza is also super family friendly because the kids will have fun making their own pizza and there will be no arguing over what toppings to get.

Here it is:

Healthy Flatbread Pizza

1 Flat out wrap

Marinara sauce (heated)

Low-fat ricotta cheese

Fresh spinach

Turkey pepperoni

1\4 cup part skim mozzarella cheese

Italian seasoning and garlic powder


Heat oven on low broil setting. Place flat out wrap in oven and cook for a few minutes each side. Keep a close watch because it will burn quick!

Take out of oven and place on foil. Add sauce and ricotta first and then layer on the toppings and adding cheese last. Cook until cheese melts. Add spices and enjoy!

I would love to hear how you like it!

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