Is Your Personal Trainer Right For You?


I’m sure you’ve seen a ton of infomercials are all over TV already. New diet and exercise books on the bookshelves, social media posts on the latest and greatest magic pill or drink that’s going to convert your bad nutrients into good ones… REALLY??

With New Year’s quickly approaching, many people are already trying to figure out how they are going to start their fitness journey for 2016. They are on the hunt for a personal trainer to help make all of their goals come true!

I myself have been super busy with new clients contacting me about starting a new fitness routine and I just launched a online group fitness and nutrition coaching program that starts in January. This is obviously the busiest time of year for anyone who works in the health and fitness industry.

Being in the fitness industry for almost 10 years now I have seen a lot and heard a lot of bad fitness advice, unsafe workout practices, unrealistic workout and diet programs and the BIG offender, uncertified fitness professionals.

The fitness industry is unregulated. This means that no one really checks into whether you are certified or maintain certification standards (Most all box gyms require their trainers to be certified, but you should still ask)

Being a soloprenuer of a fitness business of course has it advantages and disadvantages. Certifications can be expensive as well as continuing education credits, taking workshops which may include travel costs, renewal fees and insurance. But it’s so worth it!

Anyone can call themselves a trainer or fitness expert. If you have a passion for fitness you have to start somewhere, but when the body and minds of other peoples lives are in your hands you better take it seriously!! In all my years training I have never once had a client ask to see if my certifications were up to date let alone certified. I’ve only had a few ask for references which I think is great and I am always more than happy to provide them.



I once worked with a client who had a trainer (who was a fitness competitor) a few years ago that put her into a fitness competition prep workout and diet routine. This was a 40 something year old woman who wanted to lose weight and get in shape, she was not looking to be a fitness competitor. She did it and looked amazing! Gained all her weight back and then some, lost her motivation and had developed food disorders from the experience. This is just EFFFED up to me!! We no longer work together because I couldn’t help her. My approach did not fit what she was looking for and that’s fine.

Now I want to help you!

Here are some tips to take the guesswork out of finding the right personal trainer for YOU!

  1. Make sure they have up to date certifications. Some of the top certifying agencies are NASM, ACSM, ACE, and ISSA.
  2. If they are self employed make sure they carry their own insurance.
  3. Make sure you schedule a phone or in person consult to make sure you are a right fit for each other.
  4. Make sure they have a plan for you and not just putting you through a random workout. You can ask this in your consult.
  5. Does the trainer make the session about YOU or are they telling you their life story and not paying attention to you or your workout?
  6. Every time you leave your session you are so sore you cant move for days.
  7. Don’t let them push you to do exercises you are not comfortable doing or feel pain during the exercise.
  8. Does your trainer take courses, workshops and stay on top of the latest fitness and nutrition information?





Always go with your gut! You should be able to be open with your trainer and  share your concerns or problems. They should pay attention to you and make you feel confident that everything you are doing is taking you in the right direction towards their goals.


A certification is just a piece of paper. Anyone can study hard,pass a test and be called a personal trainer. It’s the passion, time and dedication that you put into your work. It’s about connecting with your clients and meeting them halfway to understand and help them on their journey. It’s being able to deal with real people with real emotions. To understand their struggles, setbacks, good days and bad days. My clients are not robots and are not necessarily  like me.  They may hate to exercise and be resistant to changing their bad habits to reach their goals. But the truth is, even us fitness professionals struggle with all of this too. We are only human. It’s not about reprimanding them if they skip workouts or eat bad. It’s working together as a team to figure out how to keep these things from happening again one step and one day at a time.

Need more help on the subject or interested in talking to me about my fitness and nutrition services? Send me an email at I would love to chat with you!











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