2015 Client Success!!



This is such an exciting and heart warming post for me to write 🙂

As a woman who coaches women I tend to hear my clients or just women I meet in general focus a bit too much of the negative 😦

I’m guilty of this myself from time to time but have improved on that so much over the years!! #practicenotperfection

My number one goal is to help my clients focus on the process, the daily habits and rituals that they will eventually fall in love with and lead them to success!

This year I decided to ask some of my clients what accomplishments they are the most proud of. The funny thing is that weight loss was a goal for many of them, yet none of them said that even though many had lost weight!

I work with women of all age ranges and lifestyles. Some are new to exercise while some have been at it for years. I work with stay at home moms with young and college age children. Some are working moms, retired, or just busy working women. The one thing that they do all have in common is the desire to be as fit and healthy as they can be no matter what their age, lifestyle, or fitness status is.

I believe its important to celebrate our achievements and always empower, inspire and lift each other up!!

I hope they inspire you as much as they have inspired me 🙂

Cindy 61- I am fit as I can be at 61. Being aware of what I eat and how it effects my body and that makes me feel really good.

Kim 44- I’ve gained muscle, improved my eating habits and feel like a bad ass!!

Susan 50- I’ve improved my eating habits, feeling stronger and love seeing my body change from lifting weights.

Natalie 32- I’m stronger than I ever thought I could be. This has increased my confidence knowing what I’m capable of and not caring what the scale says!

Faye 52- Staying consistent with my workouts.

Haylee 21- making the decision and committing to finally doing something about getting healthier. I’m proud that I’m trackng my food consistently  and it makes me honor my body that I care to invest in myself.

Madison 19- Increased strength and was able to maintain better eating habits in my first year of college.

Angie 45- Joining Jenn’s Fab2Fit program back in April and tracking my food. It only took small changes but they were impactful and easy to maintain!

What about you? I would love to hear what your 2015 accomplishments were. Send me an email at spingirl78@yahoo.com so we can connect 🙂




Happy New Year!!






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