My 2016 Story

JennP-5934Happy 2016!

I’m super excited about a New Year, new goals and new challenges to conquer!!

It’s funny because this is the first New Year in my entire life where I felt no urgency to set any goals. Yup. It’s true. And I’m really glad about it.

Now I’m not saying I don’t have things that could use a *tune up*, I certainly do!

But this feeling of everything is good is a nice place to be.

I’m constantly making improvements each year that are taking me towards my goals because this is a journey and journeys do not have an end date.

There will be no need to feel like everything has to be perfect and if things don’t go as planned that is OK too! The next hour, day or week is always a  chance to do it right 🙂 I’m happy where I am and will continue to work on bettering myself.

I’m sure I’ve said this before but we *get to* choose the way we want to live, think, feel and love. We are the author of our own story.

So here’s my very *personal* 2016 story.

I will continue to work on maintaining my level of fitness, strength and good eating habits. Oh, and try to eat more veggies, and hopefully accomplishing an unassited pull up 🙂



I will work on my health and well being by walking as much as possible, meditating in the morning and before bed and writing in my gratitude journal each morning.



Kindness and understanding will be at the forefront of my core values and daily  interactions.

My hashtag this year will still be #youdoyou

To practice being “in the moment” more often.

My word for 2016 is determined,

I will be more open and vulnerable in my personal and professional relationships. This will mean sharing more of my stories and how I have overcome these situations.



To continuing blogging about my experiences, workouts, client stories, and healthy recipes. I want to build a website that supports my personal brand and intentions to help more women *Find Their Fit*

Cheers! To love, living life to the fullest , and accomplishing your wildest dreams.







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