Jenn’s Weekly Faves+A booty building workout


My coffee mug collection is getting out of control!


Target is seriously the devil!! I couldn’t pass this mug up or pretty much any cute mug I pass by. I almost bought another one that was grey and had #muglife on it. So stinkin cute 🙂



But seriously!!  This almond butter is ridiculous. I’ve been tempted to try it for a long time and finally caved. So worth the splurge! It’s amazing on toast, protein pancakes or as a topping for a warm chocolate chip cookie dough quest bar!!


IUCS0581This one is a two for one. These pants and this exercise are currently two of my faves this week. My hot pink lululemon crops are definitely out of my comfort zone but I absolutely love them!!

If you want a superior booty you need to do the most superior booty building exercise, the barbell hip thrust. To properly do this exercise you must have a strong  mind\muscle connection and really focus on contracting the glutes hard.

Here’s a quickie booty building workout for you to try:

10 barbell hip thrusts

20 10- L\R Db Bulgarian split squats

15 Reverse hyperextensions

Rest for 60 seconds and repeat for 4-6 circuits.


Happy Sunday!















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