21 ways to maximize your results in and out of the gym, and feel more AWESOME!




Your results are directly related to how much effort and how consistent you are with your nutrition and workouts. This is everything!


Your friend loves pure barre, eats gluten free, drinks green juices and has good results. You can’t stand the tucks, pulses and isometric holds for one more second and green juices make you want to gag. Then don’t do it! If you don’t love your workouts or the way you are eating it’s not going to work. PERIOD.


You don’t have to run to lose weight. Start lifting weights.



Every workout does not have to be the end all be all of workouts. Balance your training sessions with challenging and moderate intensities.


Women can lift heavy weights and not get bulky. The only thing that will make you bulky is consuming more calories than your body needs.


You can’t out train a bad diet. NEVER.EVER.EVER.




Drink a ton of water


Change up your routines but mostly keep them the same. Sounds like an oxymoron. Focus on getting good at what you’re doing and then change your weights, reps, sets, rest periods etc.


You can’t always blame genetics for the way you look. Look at your  lifestyle, activity level, sleep habits and what you’re eating.


If you have exercise and diet ADD you are not going to see results. Try to be consistent for 4-6 weeks by tracking and monitoring your changes and how you feel. If it’s working great, if not CHANGE IT.


All diets work. You just have to find one that gives you results and can live a happy balanced life with.



Cutting carbs will make you lose weight but so will cutting back on protein and fats. Food for thought.


Keep a food journal to get a good hard look at your diet. If you can’t spend 5- 10 minutes a day writing down your food then you are not ready to make changes yet.


Search for a new healthy recipe once a month to break up the monotony of your meals.


Protein is KING! Center all of your meals around it.


A diet, cleanse or fast that helps you lose weight just to gain it back again is just silly.


Stop obsessing over the scale. Take measurements and pictures every four weeks.



Surround yourself with family and friends who support and respect your weight loss efforts.


It’s never too late to start.


Workout even when you don’t feel like it.


Be yourself, do what makes you happy, don’t eat food you hate, sweat, smile and enjoy the journey!!


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I would love to help you *Find Your Fit*!!





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