My Five Best Strategies To Tackle Mindless Eating

In the past year most of my in person and online training is all done at home. While I love this and it has tons of advantages it definitely has its disadvantages as well.


Like this.




I have access to food anytime and all of the time now. I have found myself getting hungrier (or so I thought) and reaching into the pantry for a snack all the while knowing I wasn’t experiencing true hunger.


I knew I had to kick this habit ASAP!!


The first and most important step was being mindful of what I’m doing and accepting that I need to fix this habit.IMG_9775

Then I did this:

Push back my breakfast a little later, so that lunch will be later and I’m less tempted to snack between these meals.

Having a larger high protein lunch. Something around 30ish grams of protein or more.

Putting a little *sweet treat* with my lunch. I might have 1\2 a protein bar, or some fresh berries to keep my cravings away.

I would find myself quickly eating, getting up to clean up and wanting more food. Not good!! So I am mindful about eating slower and sitting ten minutes after my meal is finished. This gives me time to realize that I am full and it has really helped.

Go take a walk. This was a win win idea!! It gets me out of the house and the kitchen, gives my dog Bella her exercise, and by the time I would come back from my walk I feel satisfied and relaxed.


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