What skipping breakfast taught me about food and my favorite pancake recipe!

XXOY4890.pngBefore I start talking about why I started skipping breakfast, I want tell you about my philosophy on nutrition:

There are no good foods or bad foods.

Food is not clean or dirty.

I believe we should nourish our bodies with food.

No one food group should we left out or demonized.

There is also no one sized fits all nutrition program.

There is no such thing as perfect nutrition.

Ok. Now back to this breakfast business 🙂

A few years ago I found myself working long crazy hours, sleeping terribly {still do} and would eat a really big carb filled breakfast early in the morning before my first client. I would end up being hungry a few hours later with only minutes to eat a protein bar, shake or apple until I had a chance to sit down to lunch which at this point I was HANGRY!

The hungry tired thing was becoming a vicious cycle. After reading and doing my research I decided to give IF {intermittent fasting} a try in November 2014. I will start out by saying that this is an advanced approach to nutrition and would not recommend you try it without the consent of a doctor.

The first few weeks was hard. I could only have black coffee,  which was a huge switch for me, green tea, water, sugar free gum and BCAA’s until I broke my fast. I practiced Lean gains fasting and would eat between 12p-8p. After learning to deal with the hunger I felt great. I had more energy, more time to work and not worry about preparing food when I was so busy in the mornings, plus I felt and was getting leaner. I still tracked my food and ate accordingly in my 8 hours. I loved having bigger meals and my workouts were amazing.

This also helped me tighten up a bit for my first photoshoot and I was very pleased with the results. But about five months into fasting I had a week where I was working from home more and my hunger got the best of me and started eating breakfast again. It was fine and I certainly didn’t fall apart and die. At this point I fell out of the routine and then didn’t start back again for personal reasons.


The Intermittent Fasting experience taught me what real hunger is. I realized that carb heavy meals do not serve me well early in the morning and prefer to have them later in the day. I like working out on pretty much an empty stomach and it does not effect my performance in the gym. I prefer to eat a few larger meals than 5-6 small ones. I actually still prefer not to eat first thing in the morning but usually around 7:30-8:30 as I start to get hungry. It helped with my sugar cravings too.

We all have heard for years how breakfast is the most important meal of the day. While I don’t think this is completely untrue, the fact of the matter is that all meals are just as important.

What matters is the big picture. Our diets as a whole and not just one meal. I believe that it doesn’t matter how many meals you eat in a day or how you structure them because that is a personal preference. Quantity and quality matter depending on your desired goals.

Many of my client’s tell me they are not hungry in the morning or just don’t like breakfast and that’s fine. So I suggest pushing back their first meal until they feel hungry. Then fill the gaps in the rest of the days meals.

Ok! Now on to the pancake recipe!

Blueberry Lemon Protein Pancakes

(makes one serving)

This is just my standard protein pancake recipe jazzed up a bit!!

1\2 cup Kodiak Power Cakes Pancake Mix (Target)

1\2 container Siggis blueberry greek yogurt (or any yogurt)

1 egg

1\2 tsp baking powder


1tsp.vanilla extract

1\2 cup fresh blueberries

zest of a small lemon

Unsweetened vanilla almond milk

Place all ingredients in a bowl and slowly add almond milk until you reach a thick pancake batter consistency. Place blueberries on top of pancakes as they are cooking. Cook until small bubbles form, then flip and cook one more minute.

To bump up the protein factor even more you can add 1\2 scoop vanilla protein powder to them. I topped mine with some sugar free maple syrup and more blueberries 🙂

Please let me know how you like them when you make them!!







7 thoughts on “What skipping breakfast taught me about food and my favorite pancake recipe!

  1. reigningross says:

    I wanted to thank you for actually letting me know that it’s “okay” to not eat breakfast. I have ALWAYS been told I need to but sometimes my stomach isn’t equipped in the morning to handle it and when I do a workout, can actually make me nauseated.


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