The Best Upper Body Exercise You Should Be Doing




Oh I have such a love-hate relationship with pushups. But either way, I make sure I plug them into my client’s workouts as well as my own on a weekly basis.


Pushups are crazy awesome for building upper body strength,can be done anywhere and when done correctly are a core killer too!! Plus they can be easily pregressed or progressed for all levels of fitness.


Beginner- wall push-ups or hands on incline surface

Intermediate- perform on a lower incline surface or do full push-ups on floor

Advanced- Renegade Row, Spiderman pushup, Three point push up, Plyo pushup.


Form check: squeeze your butt and abs strongly and don’t let your hips sag or chin drop. If it does step it back and pregress the exercise.



Here’s the workout:

Upper Body and Core Strength Circuit:

Pushups 3×10

Bent over DB Rows x12

DB Push Press x12

Alternating jackknifes 3×30

Rest briefly between exercises. Then rest 30-60 seconds at the end of the entire circuit and repeat 2-3 more times.

Try it out and let me know how it goes!!


What’s your favorite push-up?


4 thoughts on “The Best Upper Body Exercise You Should Be Doing

  1. beckyrunsbackwards says:

    I’ve not got much upper body strength but my goal is to be able to do at least a full push up by the end of April. I can do them when I’m on my knees but not yet at the second stage. Doing lots of weights at the gym now too, can you recommend any good exercises to help me along? 💪🏻💪🏻


    • jennsbodybydesign says:

      Great question! I would add Db Chest presses into your strength routine once a week. Instead of doing pushups from your knees on the floor, use an incline surface like the smith bar at the gym or a counter top. This mimics the full push up more so than on the knees. Once you can easily do a set of 12 reps lower the bar a little and continue to do that until you reach the floor!!


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