Lift Weights to Lose Weight


Regardless of what my client’s goals are I always make strength training a major part of their program. Whether they have 100 pounds to lose, that last five or they are 65 years old and just starting to work out, I make sure they hit the weights on a regular basis. The belief use to be that if we wanted to lose weight we should do lots of cardio and starve ourselves to attain those goals.

This even became more evident after talking to 60+ women over the last several months during consult calls. The one thing they all had in common was that they wanted to be leaner, stronger, or “tone up” and we’re not seeing results from their current workout routines which consisted mostly of cardio.

Now I am not saying cardio is bad. Cardio has amazing health benefits!!  And as my father in law would say “it’s good to get the stink off of you” Great for those days you need to just sweat out the stress and not have to think about it too much!! But I don’t think cardio is a great way to change body composition and it’s only good for short-term weight loss.

But who really wants short-term weight loss?

Using cardio as the only strategy to lose weight or change body composition will have us looking like a smaller softer version of ourselves. Some even experience increased hunger and weight gain.

I speak from personal experience as a former spin class \boot camp fitness instructor. I taught many classes each week and then did more cardio in my own personal workouts or tried to train for races here and there. I shared this transformation on my Facebook page the other day and here on my Instagramimage


When we embark on a progressive weight training program and good nutrition plan, fat is lost and muscle is gained. So you can strength train, have the scale go down or even sometimes stay the same but end up with a smaller, tighter, stronger looking body!

But besides losing weight and looking good in our jeans, there are so many other amazing benefits of weight training.

It’s the best way to increase your metabolism-aka burning more calories at rest.

Helps improve insulin sensitivity.JennP-4322

Increases strength to accomplish daily activities.

Have an overall highly functioning kick ass body!

Physical Strength begets mental strength and vice versa. The stronger and more confident you become in the gym will transfer over to other areas of our lives.

So go pick up some heavy weights, lift often and put that on repeat!!


FYI-I am so stinking excited about opening another round of My Summer Shred online boot camp May 2nd!!!

Are you interested in increasing your strength while seeing results in your physique? Would you want to improve your nutrition without the stress of dieting and see results? Do you want to feel confident, energetic and motivated to look and feel your best this summer?

I would love to work with you to help you get the results you are after!! 

 Please fill out the contact form and I will get back to you as soon as possible!




4 thoughts on “Lift Weights to Lose Weight

  1. lexilife says:

    Love this post! AMEN!! I did cardio for years straight and just wasn’t seeing any changes in my body. But as soon as I started weight training, it all started to happen. Cannot recommend it enough so great message! I did a post a while back that proved popular giving starting advice to women who wanna lift to try and spread the same message haha xx


    • jennsbodybydesign says:

      Thank you!! I think the tides are changing with women’s view on strength training. I plan on continuing to spread the word how amazing it is!!Thanks for sharing your blog post with me 🙂


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