My Six Top Tips To Help You Get Motivated To Workout In The Morning


I have to say getting up in the morning isn’t a problem for me and for most of my life I have been a morning person. I guess getting up at 4:15 to teach classes or train clients all of these years will make you that way 🙂 But honestly mornings are my favorite time of day. The alarm clock goes off, my feet hit the floor, I grab my coffee and I’m up and running for the day.

I personally love morning workouts!! They get me laser focused, energized and I seem to be more productive for the entire day.



Many people including some of my clients struggle with morning workouts and it doesn’t have to be this way. I always say the best time of day to workout is the time that you will actually show up and do the workout. With that being said we all lead very busy lives and as the end of the work day comes near we struggle with putting the car on auto pilot and drive straight home instead of the gym. Our mental willpower is low due to work, stress and making tons of decisions by the time our evening workout rolls around.


Here Are My Six Top Tips To Help You Get Motivated To Workout In The Morning!!


Set your alarm 30 minutes before your usual wakeup time. Commit to go for a brisk walk or do a quickie at home metabolic sweat sesh {keep reading because I got one for ya} Once you establish this habit you may want to try waking up even earlier and heading to the gym.


Get yourself organized the night before. Set up your favorite show to record and spend 20 minutes getting your gym clothes ready, coffee maker set, protein shake or breakfast ready in your cooler to take with you to the gym. Planning ahead is key. This will allow you to sleep a few extra minutes and keep you from getting frazzled and skip the gym in the morning.



Crank up the music!! Put on your favorite station or make a playlist with that song that just gets you pumped up. Crank it up and make your way to the gym.


Use the ten minute rule. On the days I want to talk myself out of a workout or I’m just too tired I tell myself that I only have to work out for ten minutes and if I still feel this way I can stop. I crank up the music, start my warm up and by the start of my workout I can honestly say I never have stopped after that ten minutes. This trick has worked well with many of my clients too!!

Visualize your workout. When the alarm clock goes off (and you want to roll over and cry) lay there and visualize your workout. The exact exercises you plan on doing and how amazing you will feel when you are done. This one works great for me too!!

Schedule a workout date. Ask a friend or spouse to schedule an early morning workout date. The fact that you committed this time to each other makes it less likely that either one will cancel the session.



Metabolic Conditioning Workout

Warm up 5-10 minutes before starting your workout.

: 30 Prisoner squats; or bodyweight squats

: 30 High Knees

: 30 Spiderman plank

: 30 Alternating Reverse Lunges

: 30 Rotating T Planks

Rest 30-60 minutes and repeat for 4-6 rounds.

Want more Metabolic Conditioning Workouts like this? Grab them right HERE!!


Don’t think you can never be a morning exerciser. Start by choosing one of the habits I listed above and try it a few mornings a week.

Perfection doesn’t exist, but being consistent with making small changes will bring success!!

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