Throwback+I Finally Found My Perfect

#Throwback- To my “place of perfect” last year in San Destin, Fl with my love💕


There is something so therapeutic and meditative about the beach. It makes me pause and reflect on my life and make some evaluations. I take these epiphanies with me and by the time New Years rolls around I’m writing in my journal and setting my intentions for the year. Reflecting on what’s working well and making sure I am cleaning out the “clutter” of life. Getting rid of the things that don’t excite me, serve me, make me happy or enhance my life or well-being.

It’s honestly only been the last few years that I can say there are many things in my life that I consider perfect, well perfect for me  anyway 🙂 But I had to create that!

My definition of perfect will be different from yours. My perfect is what defines me and what makes me smile when I wake up in the morning☺️

It’s creating my life filled with purpose and passion by surrounding myself with friends, family, clients and a business that supports and defines who I am.

My perfect is being comfortable sharing this bikini picture and actually thinking it looks good and not picking apart what I don’t like about my imperfections, but embracing them.

It’s skipping workouts to have lunch with a dear friend but on the flip side saying NO to going out because I would rather workout and prepare a healthy meal. My perfect is eating pizza and wine for dinner and then waking up and starting my day with a killer strength training session, tons of water and a protein shake. It’s setting boundaries whether it’s my work life or personal and doing things that enhance my well-being and not bringing it down.

It’s accepting that there will be bad days but knowing that the good days are more frequent and will always overshadow the bad ones.

It’s owning and accepting that I am control of my life, how I react to situations and the decisions I make.




My perfect is being strong in my conviction that by sharing my story and my passion I can help women to stop picking apart their bodies, to stop thinking that it could never happen to them. To start believing that YES! You can achieve all of your goals, but the excuses will have to stop. You don’t have to live in an extreme place of dieting and exercise and run yourself into the ground to be a healthy fit woman. To stop falling prey into an emotional daily tug of war from what the scale tells us. That all the nonsense that we have been told for years about how to “get fit” is really just nonsense.

And because of this, I believe it’s what’s keeping us from not tapping into our strong, body confident, bad ass, beautiful self potential.

IMG_0407 (2)

My final “place of perfect” It’s thriving on coaching my clients to love their body not matter where they are on their journey, yet pushing them to achieve the body they want!!


But before you go- I’m so excited that I’m starting  Round #2 of my online fitness and nutrition boot camp Summer SHRED!!

Are you a motivated fit woman who is working out and putting an importance on your nutrition but not seeing any results? Do you want to finally reap and see the benefits of all of your time, hard work and effort? I understand because many of my clients have felt this way as well as myself!

If you are looking for fat loss of 5-10 pounds, to get stronger, look leaner, improve your nutrition and want to look and feel amazing this summer then this program is for you!!

I will provide you with a fun, yet challenging and effective workout program, individual nutrition coaching, daily check in’s, bi-weekly assessments, private accountability group, your own personalized workout dashboard and calendar and all the tools you need to have success!

Summer Shred starts May 9th!! Space is limited and I would love to work with you!! Go ahead and fill out the form on my site and I will contact you ASAP!!

XO, Jenn



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