Life Updates

WOW! It’s crazy how time flies and it’s almost Summer. I am super excited about it because winter is so depressing to me and I can’t stand being cold!!

I digress…

The past few years I’ve been setting “intentions” for myself. Not really goals or resolutions because they just add to the pressure of “if I don’t accomplish these things I’m a loser” type of mentality. So throughout the year I like to revisit the intentions I set for myself and see what’s working and what’s not. Because there is always room for improvement 🙂


Here’s what I have been successful at:

  1. Trying to meditate 1-2 times a day for a minimum of 5 minutes.
  2. Eating more veggies!!
  3. Getting my strength back!! After my back injury last summer I really felt like I was set back, and I was. BUT!! I can happily say I surpassed this goal since changing my workout programming and nutrition at the end of 2105. I have implemented some of these strategies in my current online boot camp and the results have been amazing!! My next round starts May 9th if you are interested???
  4. Walking as much as possible. This falls into the mediate category for me 🙂 Walking relaxes me and reduces my stress a ton!!
  5. Blogging more 🙂 and sharing more of my personal insights and stories. My goal is to post one blog a week.

Workin on my fitness :)-


Here’s what I would still like to work on:

  1. Being “in the moment” more.
  2. Writing in my gratitude journal at least 3 times per week.
  3. Improving my nightly bedtime rituals. No phone past 8pm!! Reading, hot shower or bath, sleepytime tea and relax.
  4. Working on my organizational skills. Let me start this by saying I’m a disorganized-organized person :)- I never skip a beat or forget things, but I can simplify my life and probably save time by making lists, organizing my schedule better and have better systems in place. Google Docs is my new BFF!!



Career updates:

  1. As of tomorrow I will have stopped teaching all group fitness classes. This week is my last week of boot camp class and I’m really sad about it. I am going to miss these ladies terribly that I have gotten to know for six years but I know we will still keep in touch!!  I quit teaching Spinning several years ago to focus on growing my personal training business and now I am more than ever focused on improving and growing my in person and online business. Changes and new adventures are scarey but it’s what I’ve been thriving on lately!!


2. Speaking of new adventures. I’ve hired a coach and decided to step out of my own “little” world and join a business mentorship group. This had been a game changer for me. I am a huge believer in finding someone who can help us grow, step out of our comfort zone, help improve what we are weak at and and build upon our strengths. Since I started in this journey I have connected with some many awesome, smart, like minded women who are here to help, support and be each other’s cheerleaders. Best decision ever!!


IMG_37353. Growing my online business! I started dabbling in it back in 2014, but I am going full force this year!! I have a full schedule of  in person clients and loving every second of it but I wanted to be able to reach out and help more women with their fitness journey. I would never give up my in person training as I adore my clients and love the connections and relationships we have built!!


4. I’m planning on going to the Women’s Fitness Summit in Kansas City in the end of August. This will be an awesome opportunity to meet and learn from some of the top Female strength and conditioning coaches and nutrition experts in the industry!!

5. To work on my continuing education credits over the summer!! Besides it being  required to stay current for ethical, legal and liability reasons, I love learning about health and fitness and to be able to apply these new found strategies in my coaching to improve my skills as well as my clients progress!!


Other random things:

I’m obsessed with Diet Ginger Beer. I am not a soda drinker of any kind but since I was introduced to them last Summer I’m addicted. They are so refreshing with a piece of lime.It’s my little daily indulgence. No vodka though :)-

My new favorite music app is called Fit Radio. All kinds of fun remixes. The 80’s, Today’s hits and Techno are my favorite stations!!

I’m trying to give up or cut back on my Lenny and Larry’s cookie obsession. Ok, give up. Enough said!

I’ve been so lazy in the kitchen and have been keeping my meals super simple. 



I’m going to the beach in June and I can’t wait!! It’s my happy place 🙂




What about you? What’s been going on in your world lately?
XO, Jenn

I would love for you to connect with me here as well!!



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3 thoughts on “Life Updates

    • jennsbodybydesign says:

      I weight train 3-4 days a week. Right now 3 full body days with my other being some type of HIIT or conditioning work.


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