Strength Training for Runners-Guest Post

Hey guys!! You all probably know by now that I am a huge fan of strength training!! The benefits go way beyond fat loss and building lean muscle. Strength training is also amazing for athletes to use as cross training in their training programs to help improve performance, speed, endurance and help prevent injury and imbalances. So I asked my  new friend and running expert Coach Jasmin to guest post for me to help bridge the gap between running and strength training. JP2-5895

Take it away Jasmine 🙂





Strength Training for Runners


Do you incorporate strength workouts into your training? Is your strength training well planned, progressive, and aligned with your run training?


I often see runners try and incorporate P90X or Insanity into their running routines, which is not wise. Both of these programs are amazing (I myself am a Beachbody coach and use 21 Day Fix and PiYO in off-season training), but they are not specifically made for runners. I also see runners go to the gym without a plan and make up their routine on the fly.


If you truly want to excel as a runner, you need to incorporate specific strength training in your routine that improves running economy, range of motion, power, and prevents injury.


But strength training for runners doesn’t just involve weights or circuits. Is it vital that you also incorporate the following into your routine:


Top 6 Strength Training For Runners Routines

Dynamic Stretching: It is far more beneficial for you to warm up by moving instead of holding poses (i.e., static stretching). You are giving your body a chance to warm and loosen muscles, improve range of motion, increase power, and get ready, both mentally and physically, for the approaching workout or race. Also, the continual motion will help to burn more calories!

Core: If we as runners only stick to running, we miss simple opportunities to increase our performance in drastic ways. Core work helps stabilize your entire body to improve form, which in turn helps to prevent injury. It also helps you run more efficiently, so you will run faster and use less energy. When we work to prevent injury, improve our form, and increase overall body power and strength, we will become faster, more efficient runners and racers. Click here to get my go to 5-minute core routines for runners! This is a quick routine to get flat abs and a strong core so you can run fast!

Weight Training: Lifting also helps to improve a runner’s economy, particularly lifting that includes explosive training (jumping). Explosive training has been directly connected to improving 5k racing. Some of the best lifting routines for runners are this leg circuit with weights, pull-ups, and weighted plyometrics.

Active Recovery: It is important for runners to take days off to allow their bodies to recuperate from the stresses of running. However, there are still things you can do on your off days to improve as a runner. Research has proven that active recovery and foam rolling can sooth your aches and pains, better preparing you for your next workout. Active recovery days are best before a hard workout or long run.

Hip Exercises: This is the most overlooked, but arguably most important, element of strength training for runners. As runners, we primarily use our hips to power our runs. So we need to make sure they are strong and powerful! We must take focused time to improve our strength and range of motion in our hips, so we can run more efficiently, faster, and decrease chance of injury. These 3 moves are my go-to hip exercises!

Circuit Training: A great way to strengthen muscles while getting a cardio workout is the true essence of circuit training. Since there is small rest between exercises, a runner’s heart rate can jump to 80% max. Circuit training is one of the most effective ways for runners to improve their cardiovascular strength.

I am so excited for you to incorporate these elements into your running routine! If you need a strength training for runners workout plan to reach your racing goals this spring, email me at I have a 3-week Boot Camp and a VIP Running Academy that would be perfect for you! My running programs include training plans based on scientific research, cutting-edge meal plans, progressive strength routines that include all areas listed above, and customized communication and coaching based on your needs. I would love to work with you to help you reach your racing goals this summer!


And remember to get your free core exercises for runners dowload here!



Coach Jasmin

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