Do you need a plan to make progress?

Hey there! I hope you all are having a lovely Friday so far!! I’ve been kicking butt and taking names today. Maybe it was the great workout I had this morning or the protein pancakes I devoured post workout! Either way I have been a GSD machine and once I’m all done today I’m looking forward to a nice long walk with my pups 🙂


Do you need a plan to make progress?

When I first meet with my clients we set up a consult and discuss all of the normal health and fitness questions such as what is your why?- this is a big one!!, goals, lifestyle, health issues or are there any things that will prevent them from making progress as we work together? But I always want a clear description of their workout background and history. Many times my clients have come to me from working with other trainers, some have a basic background and understanding of weight training and many are experienced but need a structured plan to keep them challenged and progressing towards their goals.


I can’t stress the importance and benefits of following a training program!! A program that is designed with your lifestyle, limitations, time restraints, equipment available to you and most importantly, your GOALS!!

This takes the guesswork out of going to the gym and wondering what you should be doing and if it is helping you reach your goals in the most effective and results oriented manner.

I actually had a conversation with one of my in person clients this week who I write programs for her to follow when she is not training with me the other days of the week. We discussed how her workouts are going and her progress like we do every four to six weeks. I just recently switched her to my online training platform that has detailed program instructions and videos for each workout, progress tracking, and a workout calendar. She told me that having a plan written out for her where all she has to do is show up to the gym, look in her calendar and have her workout all planned out to her specific goals was priceless. Her exact words 🙂

Accountability is also huge factor in making progress. This might actually be the thing that makes or breaks you achieving your goals. Knowing that you trainer has a plan mapped out and is going to check in with you to make sure things are going as planned and keeping you on track!!IMG_3464

I have great news!! I know that summer is here and many of us are traveling, the kids are out of school and you might not be able to follow a time bound structured group training plan right now.

With all of this is mind I am going to be offering my 6 week progressive Summer Shred online training program as a ‘workouts’ only program for $12 a week!! If you are looking to shed some fat and build lean muscle this summer then this is the program for you!!

Here’s what you will get:

5 workouts a week updated bi-weekly. A total of 15 new workouts!!

3 fat burning metabolic strength workouts, 1 HIIT cardio and 1 metabolic conditioning workout. All with videos and detailed instructions.

Workouts that are programmed into your training calendar.

Workout and body composition progress tracking

Daily workout reminders.

Please fill out the form below to contact me about signing up. This special offer ends Monday May 23rd and I would love for you to experience this program that my current online clients are loving !!


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