Can You Strength Train For Fat Loss??

Yesterday I had lunch with a good friend who recently just finished my Summer Shred Online Boot Camp and is now running through her second round of it 🙂 So proud of her!! She said she feels much stronger, lost several inches and her clothes are fitting better already!!

Since we know each other really well I asked for her honest feedback about the program. Her exercise background is in running and we did work together for several months doing one-on-one training after her second child and she had amazing results. She has a career, husband and two beautiful girls to look after. Basically she’s a very busy woman!!

She loved the ease of using the online app with all of the workouts programmed for her in her calendar, daily workout reminders and being able to track her workouts to see how she’s progressing. The workouts fit into her busy lifestyle and she even worked out in a hotel gym which was a first for her because she knew exactly what to do and felt comfortable doing it!! But the main thing she talked about was how much “cardio” she felt like she was getting even though she was weight training. A feeling familiar to her from hitting the pavement but not lifting weights. I smiled because this was the intent of the program!!

There are so many ways to increase the intensity and burn of a workout. It’s hard to pick one but programming workouts for my clients is one of the things I love about my job 🙂


So How Do You Strength Train For Fat Loss?

1.Place the emphasis on compound movements and larger muscle groups like push ups, squats, pull ups, deadlifts, and rows. By focusing on these movements you create a more metabolically demanding-aka more fat burning workout and use a ton of muscle.

  1. Lift heavy!! Now this is going to be different for everyone. Make sure that the last few reps are challenging but always keep good from. If you can do more than the listed number of reps you should increase your weights.
  1. Use combination exercises, circuits and complexes.


Combination exercises are two exercises paired together, usually and upper and lower body paired together. Some examples are Db Thrusters,Renegade row, Step up with single arm press.


  1. Circuits are several exercises in a row and you move quickly from one to the next. The best way to program a circuit is to alternate a push, pull core, and lower body exercise so that the whole body gets worked. It decreases the risk of muscular imbalances by not allowing one part of the body to get over worked. Plus it allows one body part to work while the other is resting so the overall work capacity is increased.
  1. Complexes are several exercises strung together as one and the goal is to complete the whole complex before resting. Complexes can be done for time or for a certain amount of sets using Db’s, a barbell or even your own bodyweight. Complex workouts are typically shorter in nature and are perfect for the days you need a quick sweat session!! I love programming complex’s at the start of my fat loss clients training sessions 🙂



There are many way to program a strength workout for fat loss but these are some of my faves!

Here’s a quickie Metabolic Strength Circuit from my Summer Shred Online Boot Camp, Phase 1-Week#1

Remember to always get the consent of a doctor before you start a new exercise program 🙂

Circuit #1 x’s 3 sets

Plank and Db Row- 8 L|R

Db Push Press- 10

Db Elevator Squats-10

Circuit #2 x’s 3 sets

Db Walking Lunges- 15 L|R

Up and Down Plank- 10 total

Db Glute Bridges (heavy)- 15

Finisher: Power Jacks :20 ON :OFF x’s 4

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XO, Jenn

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