#TT-Why I’ve gained 15 pounds!


Last week I was on a phone consult with one of my online clients. We were chatting about her progress since we have recently switched up her workout program and nutrition for muscle gain. We’ve worked together for the last eight months and she has successfully reached her goal of losing 40 pounds, has increased her strength and confidence 🙂 Now we are switching gears and working to get even stronger and improve her physique by adding a little more muscle to it. She does all of her workouts from home four days a week and is a total rockstar!!

Her journey reminds me of my own. You can read about it in this POST. I lost 40 pounds after tipping the scales at 175 and since then have been on the hustle to build more muscle. I can totally understand how scary it can be to switch gears like this. The fear to eat a little bit more, lift a little heavier, to see the scale go up or even clothes get a bit tighter is nerve wrecking because that’s not what’s been instilled in our minds all of these years. But the result of this shift in mindset will lead to a leaner, stronger, tighter, and highly functioning healthy body.

When I first meet with clients the most common fitness goals I hear are, I want to look toned, tighter and leaner which essentially means building muscle. I wanted that exact same look and realized that teaching 3+ cardio classes a week, plus running and lifting light weights was not providing me with the results I was after. Why work so hard and have nothing to show for it or at least not the results I wanted.

The picture here on the left I’m 175lbs and on the right 135lbs.


Then in 2013 I really started to put my focus on heavy lifting and made big changes to my workout program\split and nutrition.


The picture on the left in 2012 I was around 128lbs and the pictures on the right was a few weeks ago at around 142.

The picture on the left is from 2014 and the picture on the right is a snap from last week. A little side note- I’m really digging Snapchat and I’m sharing a ton of my meals, work life and lot’s of other fun stuff!! Just search for jennpedefit. I would love for you to connect with there too 🙂



I realize that in this post I’m talking quite a bit about weight, particularly mine.

I just wanted to show that the scale can go up and you can look completely different and by different I mean lean, toned, muscular or whatever you choose to call it. So the number on the scale does not give this perspective.



I’m not a big fan of the scale and have been even getting away from using the scale as a progress measurement tool with my clients. I take more of a habits based and non scale victory approach because when long term habits are doable and consistent they will lead to fat loss and\or muscle gain.

How did I do it? Eat more food- by the way of carbohydrates and slowly increasing calories, lifting heavier and continually improving my nutrition. Playing around with amount, quality, and food split while cycling my workouts. As some of these variables change some things do stay consistent, like being consistent with my program and nutritional guidelines. Now consistent does not mean perfect. I pride myself for hanging out in the ‘grey’ area or what some people call moderation and do the same for all of my clients. I make lifting weights a priority and do so 3-4 days a week and vary the intensity, volume and frequency of my training. The other days might involve some hiit, bodyweight circuits and sprints depending on the program I’m in and what my goals are.

What am I doing right now? I’m cycling my nutrition by the way of carbohydrates and adding in more HIIT and steady state cardio into my program while still lifting 3 days a week. These are some of the strategies I’m using with my Lift To Get Lean online boot camp clients right now and they are getting amazing results!!

What’s my plan for the future? In about a month or so I’m going to switch up my workout program into a heavier lifting phase, decrease cardio and slowly increase calories back up again to work on building more muscle.


Heads up ladies!! I am starting a waitlist for my next round of Lift To Get Lean online boot camp. It’s going to roll out towards the end of March and for the next few weeks I will be sending out free LTGL workouts, recipes, nutrition and mindset hacks.

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