Are You Happy?

Have you ever asked yourself the question, Am I happy? in regards to your workouts, the foods you eat on a daily basis or even your progress? Have you ever found yourself so excited about starting a new program regardless what the workouts or diet plan requires and by the end of week two you are tired, hungry, miserable and skipping workouts? If you said YES! you are not alone because the majority of my clients have come to me with a similar problem. The program they are doing is so time consuming or restrictive that they can’t keep the mojo going long enough to see long lasting results.


That’s why I ask, Are You Happy? to all of my clients when we meet for our monthly assessments whether they are in person, in an online group boot camp or a VIP one-one one online coaching client.

Which by the way if you are interested…there are only a few days and a few spots left for my VIP online coaching June fitness special. Buy one month and get the second free!! You can find out all the deets HERE!!

If my clients don’t enjoy their workout program, the foods that they are eating and not seeing progress then it’s time to delve deeper into why they are not happy and finding what will work best for them.


I program workouts for my clients that are designed to fit their abilities, goals, keep them challenged but not over worked and easily fits into their lifestyle. Not the other way around. Same goes for their nutrition. We will discuss what their struggles are and work on developing a habits based approach that does not stress them out and allows them to be more consistent and has them seeing progress!!

Just yesterday I chatted with one of my new online coaching clients about her progress. She is a busy working mom who was tired of working out, dieting and not seeing the scale budge or even watching it go up!! She wanted to workout from home due to time restraints with kids and work. She had tried diets before and tracked calories all to lose weight and then gain it back. Since she’s started her VIP program she is down almost seven pounds just by making some nutritional changes, said she is eating more food than she was before, did not feel deprived at all and was so happy with her progress in just a short amount of time!!

Fitness and nutrition does not have to black or white or even all or nothing. It does not have to feel strenuous, or stress you out. What matters most is that you enjoy what you are doing and can maintain those habits for the long term!!



I would love to hear from you and learn what you love about your current fitness and\or nutrition habits!!



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