What’s the best way to track your progress for fat loss?




What’s the best way to track progress for fat loss? Spoiler alert …It’s going to be the way that stresses you out the least!!

But please keep reading 🙂

Recently I was talking with one of my online clients about how she was wanting to track her progress over the next eight weeks. She had recently weighed herself and was not happy with what the scale was showing her, hence the reason she reached out to me 🙂 We then discussed other options of tracking her progress that would make her journey a little less stressful and a bit more enjoyable.

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If you have ever been in the same situation as my client-wanting to get in better shape, look tighter and toned, lose fat, improve your health and see results for all of  your hard work you are not alone!!

I do believe that it’s easy to initially feel real excited, set forth some unrealistic expectations, be super strict with your diet and exercise routine and then hop on the scale to see it barely change and then BAM! You say eff it and throw in the towel 😦

Over the years I have talked many times about the scale not being my favorite way to measure progress on my social media pages, in my online boot camps and with my in person clients.

This year I have actually gotten away from using the scale as a measurement tool with my clients. It’s always at their discretion whether they want to or not but I typically don’t suggest or require that to be our tool to track progress.

Whether it’s writing your food down, taking measurements or trying on your favorite jeans once a month, tracking your progress allows for a clear and defined method  to see if the effort being put forth or not is heading us in the direction of our goals.

Here are a few of my favorite ways to track progress:

Pictures- Taking pictures every 2-4 weeks is to me, the best way to see changes in the body. You can take your progress pics in a bathing suit, or shorts and sports bra first thing in the morning before you eat or workout.

Taking measurements- I usually recommend taking measurements every two weeks initially and then as my client is consistent with their habits and progress is being made I will take them every 4 weeks. Measure first thing in the morning with a similar outfit or naked each time. Typical measurements spots are chest (around nipple line), arm (between shoulder and elbow), waist (around  the bellybutton), hips (widest part of the butt), and thigh(between the hip and knee).



Writing it down- Writing down a key habit or two and the action steps to achieve those goals makes the steps to success clear and defined. By putting it on paper or in your phone’s notes you can be look at your goals daily to be reminded and review for progress. Because it’s the constant repetition of improved habits that really leads to success 🙂

For example, if your goal was to prepare more of your meals this is how your action steps would be set up:

Step 1: schedule a day to write a grocery list and grocery shop

Step 2: go to the grocery store

Step 3: prepare a few meals and\or food for the week



Track your food in a food tracking app–  While I could write a whole blog post on food tracking. I am going to stick to the basics here 🙂 By tracking your food in an online app-MyFitnessPal is my favorite and the one I use with my clients. A good place to start is to track food for two weeks. Look at the average amount of calories eaten over the two weeks and then decrease total calorie intake by 200 calories. Continue to do this consistently and track progress by taking pictures, measurements or just go by how you are feeling!

Regardless of which way you choose to track your progress the real benefit to tracking is self-awareness. It’s a guide to see if what we have been consistently doing is working or not!


I would love to know how you like to track your progress??

XO, Jenn

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