Transformation Tuesday+Trusting The Process

Hey There! Happy Tuesday 🙂

It’s already been a productive morning so far, which I love. It started with an early morning three mile dog walk with my hubby, some content planning and already trained a few clients.

Today I wanted to talk about ‘Trusting The Process’

I’m sure you have heard the phrase above many times before. Maybe you are even reading this and thinking, what can you possibly say different that I don’t already know or have heard. I understand how you may feel and I’m sure I’ve had other situations in my life where I told myself I had to have trust in the process too. I believe in it, hence the reason for this blog post and I hope you will too after reading this!

One of the biggest things that I believe that trips people up and prevents them from making progress is not sticking with a plan or program  because they allow old habits, or ways of thinking creep in and derail things.

Or they hire a coach, trainer, nutritionist and want the help but just don’t fully trust what they are saying could really help them and old ways start to slip back in.

Because we all know that doing the same things over and over again leads to the same results!!

When I first meet with my clients or just checking in with them to see how they feel about their workouts, progress, nutrition etc I always want them to understand what we are doing in terms of their training program and nutrition. I go through their past dieting and workout history to dig deeper to find out what worked, what didn’t and why, and then coming up with a plan to not run into these set backs again.

I want my clients to have trust in me and the program I am creating for them. If something is not working for them or not making the progress they desire I want them to feel comfortable coming to me and coming up with a plan together, as a team.

I strongly believe that if you do not 100% trust the fitness professional that you hire to help you, results can certainly be compromised. #TRUTH

That’s why I am so grateful Jill reached out to me to help her with her fitness journey and the results are incredible!!

I’ve actually had the pleasure of being friends with Jill for the past 8 years, and when she reached out to me to help her get her body back after baby I was more than thrilled! She joined my Summer Shred online boot camp and went on to rock ‘Phase 2’ as well!

These progress pics are 12 weeks apart and her results are phenomenal!




Here’s how Jill feels about her progress:

I have always considered myself an active person, but would not have described myself as fit. Prior to working with Jenn, I spent my time concentration on cardio and yo-yo dieting. I gained lots of weight with my first child. After his birth, I headed back to the gym. I returned to my old cardio and “dieting” ways. I wasn’t seeing results with what I was doing. Looking for something new I decided to join Jenn’s online boot camp Summer Shred.  

I am a stay at home mom with a husband who travels weekly for work. Working out when my 14 month old is awake is impossible. With Jenn’s online program, I can take an hour during nap time and focus on me. I can do it all from my living room with minimal equipment. I love that I simply log into her online training app and have the day’s workout right in front of me. I constantly use the videos to make sure I am doing each exercise with correct form. The accountability aspect of checking in with my daily meals have also kept me on track in the kitchen.

I’m proud to say after two rounds of Jenn’s online boot camp my clothes are loose. I can see definition in my arms, abs and thighs. I am getting compliments from family and friends, and my confidence is through the roof!!
I am so impressed with Jill’s positive attitude even on those not so perfect days, because let’s be honest, they are going to happen. Plus her consistency and dedication to her training and nutrition truly is shown right here in these pics!!

FYI- I just opened up registration for my Strong and Sculpted Online Boot Camp yesterday and it’s already more than half full from the waitlist. 

If you are a motivated women looking to get stronger, leaner, while feeling and looking your best this year then this is the program for you!! You can find out more info right HERE or email me at for more details on my Strong and Sculpted Online Boot Camp!! 

I would love to work with you!

XO, Jenn




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