How To Navigate Weekend Eating +4 Hacks To Stay Consistent All Week Long



Have you ever found yourself crushing your workouts, dialed into your nutrition Mon-Thu and then  let it loose Fri-Sun?? You are not alone because at some point it happens to all of us.

Or maybe one ‘off’ meal or a few missed workouts causes you to say EFF it and #eatallthefood over the weekend, and promise to start over on Monday. Again you are not alone 🙂

This becomes a matter of setting yourself for the week and having a plan for the weekend so keep reading 🙂

As a fitness and nutrition coach my goal is to have my clients eat and move in a way that they enjoy yet still provides them with the results they are after, as well as realize that one ‘off meal’ or a missed workout is not the end of the world. Life happens and we must adjust and move on.

So why does this continue happen and turn into a vicious cycle? The answer is drained willpower and low energy from work, stress, lack of sleep, making tons of decisions on a daily basis etc..

So let’s tackle this problem head on!!

Here are 4 Tips To Keep You on Track ALL WEEK LONG!!

Plan ahead

This is the key to success and it doesn’t have to be any kind of elaborate planning either. Look ahead at menus at restaurants and decide what you are going to eat before you even get there and don’t open the menu when you get there. This will only lead to temptation. Take 1-2 hours on the weekend to grocery shop and prep a few key items to set yourself up success. I like to recommend have two sources of protein on hand (ground turkey, grilled chicken or even some high quality deli meat) and a few bags of frozen veggies, bagged salad greens, for the days time is not on your side.



Schedule your workouts

Look at your schedule on Sunday and plan your workouts in your calendar. Most of us know what our week ahead look likes so we can schedule accordingly. Maybe you are busy during the week and  plan shorter workouts and leave the longer more intense strength training workouts for the weekends when you have more time! Plus the intense workouts will utilize the extra calories consumed over the weekend 🙂

Eat the same way Monday-Sunday

White knuckling our  way to eating ‘perfect’ or ‘clean’ Mon-Thu and then giving into all the foods you were trying to avoid is not going to lead to progress as this can certainly become a vicious cycle. Allow yourself the glass of wine with dinner or some carbs with your lunch. I don’t believe there is such a thing as good or bad food and while that’s going off into another topic I believe that having balance all week is important. I love when I read check-in’s from my online bootcampers and they feel successful and in control of their food choices but still are able to enjoy themselves when traveling on a date night  or when a meal isn’t ideal for them.



Pick your nutrition battles

I am a big believer in eating foods you love and #teamflexibledieting. If we eat a diet of foods we don’t love or restrict too much it ends up backfiring on us. That’s why I don’t write meal plans for clients and can probably say I never will. It’s also the reason the no sugar plans, 21 day detox and the no carb diets do not work. There most certainly can be balance and progress made at the same time.

If you are looking for balance and flexibility with your nutrition along with accountability and a killer training program this holiday season I still have some openings in my Fit and Festive online boot camp that starts Monday November 7th.

Fill out the contact form HERE for more details or email me at

I would love to work with you!!

XO, Jenn

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