Lower Body Focused Strength Workout


Before we get to the good stuff…Always remember to warm up prior to starting a workout and get the consent of a doctor when participation in a new workout program. Got it 🙂

Superset 1: 4×10-Link to video 

Accentuated Eccentric Db Chest Press tempo- 4111 (take :04 to lower down)

Paused Back Squat (you can sub with a Goblet squat too) tempo 2211

Superset 2: 3x 10

Trap bar Deadlifts

Side Plank w\rotation

Metabolic Lower Body Circuit: 3-4 sets 

Band Resisted Stiff Leg Deadlifts- 12 tempo 3112 (contract glutes at standing for :02)

Step up to reverse lunge- 15 L&R

TRX Sumo squat jumps- 15


If you try the workout I would love to know how it goes!!

XO, Jenn

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