How To Lose Body Fat And Not Feel Deprived



How’s your week been? This week has flown by for me. The weather is beautiful and I’m looking forward to a few long walks at the park, visiting good friends for dinner and preparing for my next photoshoot!! I’m so darn pumped. My sweet client Stephanie is a photographer and when I approached her about some new pics she was so excited!! Oh, and when I say prep I mean figuring out what to wear and researching some fun ideas for the shoot because there will be some wine and pizza in my future this weekend! Can’t wait to share the pic with you guys 🙂
Have you ever started a diet and felt totally motivated and ready to make some changes? You just know that this time is it and you are finally going to see the results you have been after. Maybe it’s a diet from a recent magazine article, or the latest and greatest 30 day program or you finally decide to try the detox your friend has done and lost 10 pounds in 5 days. If you said YES to any one this you are not alone.


In fact many of my clients come to me with a very similar story. As a fitness and nutrition coach I pride myself on coaching my clients and creating nutrition programs for them that are enjoyable, doable and provide them satisfying long lasting results!! I personally don’t believe in meal plans or telling my clients what they should or should not eat and believe in giving my client autonomy in their programs because they have to implement the strategies that work best for them on a daily basis! #wordtoyamotha

In my experience people associate diet and exercise with the feelings of deprivation, hunger, struggle and just down right hard. If you have or are currently experiencing any of these feelings please stop what you are doing right now!! 

We are all very unique individuals and have a unique physiology, so for me to tell all of my clients to eat the same things would be terribly wrong not only to my professional values but to my clients success!!
So today we are going to talk about some strategies to lose bodyfat and not feel deprived and the focus being on nutrition. I’m going to discuss the exercise part of the equation real soon 🙂



Compliance. If a nutrition plan is too restrictive, and has you feeling like everyday is struggle to shove some food you dislike down at each meal and is leaving you feeling hungry  and pissed off than this is not the diet for you. If a nutrition plan is enjoyable and feels like it can be maintained for a long time than we are more likely to be compliant and this leads to long term nutrition adherence. #success


 Eat larger meals. Have you ever heard that you have to eat 5-6 smaller meals a day to lose weight and  boost your metabolism? It’s a bunch of bologna. I’m not saying this strategy can’t work but eating tiny meals every few hours is like a tease and in my opinion over the course of the day will leave you even hungrier with a tendency to overeat by the end of the day. Try eating three to four moderate-larger meals a day.

Add volume to your meals. By adding volume to your meals by increasing the size of your meals-see tip #2 and by increasing the volume of your meals by the way of veggies will help with satisfaction plus allowing us to meet our daily quota of veggies by adding fiber, vitamins and  minerals. I always recommend that my clients eat 1-2 servings of veggies per meal. If that’s seem to difficult to do you can try adding some frozen leafy greens to your protein smoothie or eat a #BAS (big ass salad) everyday to bump up your daily quota of veggies.

Ps- I share a ton of my meals and meal prep over on IG stories in case you were needing some meal inspiration 🙂

  1. Carb cycling. Carb cycling is a method where periods of higher and lower carbohydrate intake varies with training intensity. But other factors include, diet history, goals, level of fitness and training program, height, weight, activity level, etc to establish an effective carb cycling program.

There a many other factors that go into a solid nutrition plan like getting enough protein, fats and the right amount of carbohydrates in your diet, as well as meal split and nutrient timing but for today we are sticking to some of the basics.

By the way! I have a few VIP one-on-one online coaching spots open and would love to work with you to create a custom training and nutrition program that will have you feeling stronger, leaner, more confident and in control of your diet!!


Fill out the contact form for more details and I will get back to you as soon as possible!!


Happy Friday!!

XO, Jenn

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