Client Spotlight-Brenda

I love featuring and bragging about my sweet and hard working clients because they deserve it! Her story will inspire!!

My client Brenda is starting Week 4 of my online boot camp Strong and Sculpted Phase 2. It’s been a pleasure working with her and so proud of her progres which she will tell you about in a second. Like many of my clients in-person and online she was frustrated with her progress despite all of the hard work and effort she was putting into her training and nutrition.

She was a little shy about sharing her progress pics which is totally understandable, but trust me when I tell you her progress is amaze!!

Her story:  I had been working out with a personal trainer for a year and a half 2x a week before I started working with Jenn. Prior to that I had been a walker for years. I had gradually gained weight and wanted to feel confident about my body. I accomplished my weight goal by dieting and have struggled to stay within my goal weight as dieting is not something we can do everyday. I heard about Jenn from my daughter. I was impressed with her nutrition goals and weight loss. She told me about Jenn’s online boot camp and felt like this was perfect fit for me. I had begun to feel like my previous trainer’s plans were not right for me anymore. I also was looking for realistic guidance with my nutrition with the goals of trying to lose body fat particularly in my mid-section.

I love the flexibility and ease of her online boot camp and can workout on my schedule. I love having a training plan where the exercises are demonstrated for me and are all planned out. I am easily bored and I like how you change up the workouts continually, and how they progress in difficulty. I also like how I don’t have to have a ton of equipment to workout.

What I love most is Jenn’s passion for helping women thrive  to be the best they can be through exercise and nutrition. I enjoy her professionalism and commitment to each client whether they are in person one on one or online in a boot camp. I appreciate her encouragement and ability to see women in the real world.   

I am so excited that I can now do push ups without knee assistance, have doubled the amount of weight I use to lift weights, plan ahead with food preparation, and have learned that my good eating decisions are cumulative. I love that my body has changed and thrilled the way that my clothes fit.


XO, Jenn


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