Should You Hire A Coach? I did!


I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! I sure did and spent lots of QT with friends and family and even had a few special visits from two of my friends\online clients!! Oh, and lots of apple pie was consumed. But it’s all gone now. Thanks goodness!!!

Today I wanted to touch on the subject of hiring a coach. Of course I think that hiring a coach is important and sometimes necessary to get to where we want to be. Or maybe you just need to spice up your current routine or you might have hit a plateau and need to take things in a different direction. I could go on and on about the benefits of hiring a coach/trainer.

I think it’s so crucial that I have actually worked with two coaches this past year. Yup! two of them. Early in the spring I knew I wanted to grow my online business and have the ability to reach out and help more women ‘Find Their Fit’. I can write and execute a training and nutrition program like nobody’s business and it’s actually one of the things I love most about my job. I had hit a wall and felt like I was spending too much time and energy on the wrong things and needed some guidance and direction.Plus I am soooo not a techy person and that’s where hiring a professional saved the day and my sanity :)-

I also hired my own online personal trainer this past summer. I needed a kick in the pants and wanted to change up my current training and nutrition plan and reached out to an online trainer who shared my same philosophy of fitness and nutrition. Again I train clients in person and write programs all day long for online clients so when it came to writing one for myself I was at a loss. Plus I was slacking a bit and needed the extra accountability. See, it even happens to us trainers 🙂 I would still be working with her today but during our time working together my back injury reared it’s ugly head , and well you know that whole story 😦

Both of my coaches motivated me and pushed me way out of my comfort zone and that’s what a good coach should always do. You know what? I have truly seen amazing growth in both my business and health and fitness. So worth it!!

Have you worked with or are currently working with a coach? I would love to know about your experience!!

XO, Jenn

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