HELP!! I Need To Learn How To Lift Weights!!




Have you ever walked into the weight room and felt intimidated or just not sure what to do? If you are shaking your head YES you are not alone!!

Many of my clients come to me with a goal of fat loss and are looking for changes in their physique and have told me that they walk into a gym and don’t know what to do, how much to lift, how many reps or sets to help them achieve the goal that they are after.

The other day my online client Jill posted a sweaty very muscle-y (I made that word up) :)- selfie of herself post workout. Many of her friends were blown away at how amazing her arms looked and rightfully so. She looks incredible and has puts lots of dedication to her training and nutrition since joining my boot camp Summer Shred.

But I noticed this comment in the thread.

Friend: I feel so awkward and always just stick to cardio

Jill replied: It has been a serious game changer as I did not know what to do with weights

She’s right! When Jill first started working with me she said she dabbled in the weight area doing random exercises, would hop on the cardio machines and try various fad diets until she couldn’t stand it anymore and would quit and never see the results she was really after.

I even had a client from Strong and Sculpted Phase 1 online boot camp tell me during her check-in that she was excited to walk into the weight area for the first time ever and felt like she knows what she’s doing. #winning

That’s why having a results driven training plan that implements all the important training variables such as intensity, volume, proper form, tempo, exercise selection and adequate recovery is the key to seeing results.

This is one of the reasons I started expanding my training business online and created online group boot camps so I could help solve this problem and help so many more women finally see results for their efforts. Oh and not to mention they are super fun too!!

Speaking of boot camps…Registration is officially open for my Brand New Online Program called Lift To Get Lean-Carb Cycling Boot Camp!!

Lift To Get Lean starts Jan 9th and I would love for you to be a part of it!!

If your goal in 2017 is to see amazing results in your physique, have increased energy and confidence, feel in control of your nutrition and love the way your clothes fit from a solid then this is the program for you!!  I strongly believe a well designed strength training program paired with effective and easy to implement nutrition strategies: a macronutrient based approach, nutrient timing and carb cycling really dials things in and accelerate your results!!

This high level ,very fun and effective six week boot camp includes:

Six weeks of fat burning-muscle sculpting workouts (3 strength, 2 HIIT workouts) updated weekly so you progress in your workouts and see real results!! Personalized training app, workouts calendar, daily reminders, progress tracking and more.

Video training series teaching you how to use carb cycling for the physique you desire, eating the right amount of calorie\macronutrients for you goals, and hybrid methods of food tracking to take the stress out of your nutrition.

Actionable PDF’s with recipes and sample menu’s

Very active and supportive private facebook community with daily actionable deliverables and daily check-in’s

You can sign up right here or


Fill out the contact form for more info about the program!srp_0047-copy

Talk Soon!

XO, Jenn

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