HELP!! I Need To Learn How To Lift Weights!!




Have you ever walked into the weight room and felt intimidated or just not sure what to do? If you are shaking your head YES you are not alone!!

Many of my clients come to me with a goal of fat loss and are looking for changes in their physique and have told me that they walk into a gym and don’t know what to do, how much to lift, how many reps or sets to help them achieve the goal that they are after.

The other day my online client Jill posted a sweaty very muscle-y (I made that word up) :)- selfie of herself post workout. Many of her friends were blown away at how amazing her arms looked and rightfully so. She looks incredible and has puts lots of dedication to her training and nutrition since joining my boot camp Summer Shred.

But I noticed this comment in the thread.

Friend: I feel so awkward and always just stick to cardio

Jill replied: It has been a serious game changer as I did not know what to do with weights

She’s right! When Jill first started working with me she said she dabbled in the weight area doing random exercises, would hop on the cardio machines and try various fad diets until she couldn’t stand it anymore and would quit and never see the results she was really after.

I even had a client from Strong and Sculpted Phase 1 online boot camp tell me during her check-in that she was excited to walk into the weight area for the first time ever and felt like she knows what she’s doing. #winning

That’s why having a results driven training plan that implements all the important training variables such as intensity, volume, proper form, tempo, exercise selection and adequate recovery is the key to seeing results.

This is one of the reasons I started expanding my training business online and created online group boot camps so I could help solve this problem and help so many more women finally see results for their efforts. Oh and not to mention they are super fun too!!

Speaking of boot camps…Registration is officially open for my Brand New Online Program called Lift To Get Lean-Carb Cycling Boot Camp!!

Lift To Get Lean starts Jan 9th and I would love for you to be a part of it!!

If your goal in 2017 is to see amazing results in your physique, have increased energy and confidence, feel in control of your nutrition and love the way your clothes fit from a solid then this is the program for you!!  I strongly believe a well designed strength training program paired with effective and easy to implement nutrition strategies: a macronutrient based approach, nutrient timing and carb cycling really dials things in and accelerate your results!!

This high level ,very fun and effective six week boot camp includes:

Six weeks of fat burning-muscle sculpting workouts (3 strength, 2 HIIT workouts) updated weekly so you progress in your workouts and see real results!! Personalized training app, workouts calendar, daily reminders, progress tracking and more.

Video training series teaching you how to use carb cycling for the physique you desire, eating the right amount of calorie\macronutrients for you goals, and hybrid methods of food tracking to take the stress out of your nutrition.

Actionable PDF’s with recipes and sample menu’s

Very active and supportive private facebook community with daily actionable deliverables and daily check-in’s

You can sign up right here or


Fill out the contact form for more info about the program!srp_0047-copy

Talk Soon!

XO, Jenn


Should You Hire A Coach? I did!


I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! I sure did and spent lots of QT with friends and family and even had a few special visits from two of my friends\online clients!! Oh, and lots of apple pie was consumed. But it’s all gone now. Thanks goodness!!!

Today I wanted to touch on the subject of hiring a coach. Of course I think that hiring a coach is important and sometimes necessary to get to where we want to be. Or maybe you just need to spice up your current routine or you might have hit a plateau and need to take things in a different direction. I could go on and on about the benefits of hiring a coach/trainer.

I think it’s so crucial that I have actually worked with two coaches this past year. Yup! two of them. Early in the spring I knew I wanted to grow my online business and have the ability to reach out and help more women ‘Find Their Fit’. I can write and execute a training and nutrition program like nobody’s business and it’s actually one of the things I love most about my job. I had hit a wall and felt like I was spending too much time and energy on the wrong things and needed some guidance and direction.Plus I am soooo not a techy person and that’s where hiring a professional saved the day and my sanity :)-

I also hired my own online personal trainer this past summer. I needed a kick in the pants and wanted to change up my current training and nutrition plan and reached out to an online trainer who shared my same philosophy of fitness and nutrition. Again I train clients in person and write programs all day long for online clients so when it came to writing one for myself I was at a loss. Plus I was slacking a bit and needed the extra accountability. See, it even happens to us trainers 🙂 I would still be working with her today but during our time working together my back injury reared it’s ugly head , and well you know that whole story 😦

Both of my coaches motivated me and pushed me way out of my comfort zone and that’s what a good coach should always do. You know what? I have truly seen amazing growth in both my business and health and fitness. So worth it!!

Have you worked with or are currently working with a coach? I would love to know about your experience!!

XO, Jenn

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But I Only Lost 5 Pounds…WTF???



Has this ever happened to you? You embark on a new training program, join a gym or new fitness class or maybe even start a new nutrition program. It’s time for your first assessment and you’re totally pumped! You hop on the scale and to your disappointment you ONLY lost five pounds? If you said yes you are not alone.

In fact I hear this statement from clients, friends or even a new acquaintance when discussing their progress and it makes me downright sad!!

Let me say this…five pounds of fat loss is a big deal! Anyone can severely cut calories, drop carbs and add some exercise to the mix and drop five pounds in a matter of days, but is it sustainable and long term? Probably not. I won’t get to sciencey in this post but to lose a pound of fat a calorie deficit must be present of about 3500 calories. That’s nothing to sneeze at. It can be done from diet alone or to me the best combo is from strength training + a solid and sustainable nutrition plan.  


My Rockstar online client Jill

I am so passionate about helping women get the results they are after, feel stronger, confident and more energetic so when I hear statements like-I’ve only lost five pounds!@$#@ even though the person has lost weight, created new ‘good habits’ and have improved their quality of life, that darn blinking number on the scale trumps the non scale victories every single time.  

That’s why I believe it’s crucial to focus on non-scale victories which all boils down to this- practicing habits on a daily basis that make you feel good and get you closer towards your goals, which I believe are way more important than the number on the scale. Regardless if you have 10 or 100 pounds to lose, the fact the anyone loses five pounds is a big deal!!

The majority of my clients, in person and online are looking for fat loss and body composition changes like toning up aka building muscle 🙂 But most have tried the yo-yo diet, diet pills, or more extreme programs for weight loss. They can usually hang in there a bit but eventually the restriction, extreme commitment and deprivation is too great that they end up quitting and rightfully so!!

After working with hundreds of women over the years and having my own personal transformation-which you can read about here if you are interested 🙂 I totally get it!!

To wrap things up here’s some truth talk…

The slower the fat loss the longer it will be kept off and maintained.

If you are seriously looking for fat loss, improved health or body comp changes you have to get in the mindset that this is a lifestyle change, not just a 30 day quick fix.


Strength training is a superior way to boost the metabolism aka increase your RMR (resting metabolic rate) has a positive effect on key hormones regarding fat loss such as improved insulin sensitivity, and is essential for creating a leaner and tighter physique, and increased energy expenditure much longer than traditional steady state cardio. Plus strength training during a caloric deficit during a fat loss phase helps maintain the muscle you already have.

A calorie deficit is required but don’t cut too much. This can cause your metabolic rate to drop to compensate for the lack of calories as this has a negative effective on the hormones, leptin and ghrelin which control hunger and satiation.

The steps that you take towards fat loss should enhance your life! I’m not saying fat loss is a walk in the park, some changes and restriction need to happen but it doesn’t need to feel terrible, and if it does it’s means it time to step back and take a new approach!!

Ps- I have a few spots open in my one-on-one online coaching program. If you are interested in embarking on an effective training+nutrition program that delivers results I would love to work with you and help you reach your goals in a safe, fun and effective manner!! Fill out the contact form for more details and I will get back to you right away!!

XO, Jenn


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Exercise Is A Gift, Not A Punishment


JP2-5821.jpgLast week my client walked into the gym feeling tired, sluggish and unmotivated. She hadn’t worked out in over two weeks and had returned from her busy trip late the night before. But as she does, she walked in ready to give it all she had with no excuses.

Though all of my clients follow an individualized training program that’s pre-planned for them I have no issue with adjusting a workout based on my clients sleep, stress levels or just how they feel that day. But in this situation I knew that Karen would want a kick in the pants. So after a thorough warm-up and us catching up on life, as we do she proceeded to crush her Trap Bar Deadlifts for her body weight which was a new ‘PR” for her!!! She walked out of my training studio refreshed and beaming from ear to ear.

A few hours later she sent me this text message: Thanks again!! I had been feeling so down about not getting in my regular workouts and not feeling in shape. This morning’s workout boosted me up and made me realize I CAN get back on track!! Now I was beaming from ear to ear for the rest of the day :))))

In fact, a few days ago on Instagram I talked about motivation and why it’s super important to focus on the positive feelings that exercise of any kind provides us. Keeping the focus on the ‘good feelings’ will be a steady stream of motivation to tap into on the days we really don’t feel like it.


I can honestly say that going through back surgery and arriving at the 12 week post-op mark tomorrow has made me really reflecting how exercise is such a blessing. Not that I didn’t realize it before, but truly appreciate it even more and think of it as a gift that is truly precious to all of us.

Mainstream media can certainly portray exercise as a torturous event that has to be done to the point of exhaustion with unbearable discomfort. The harder and longer the session the better. This is soooo far from the truth!!!

I actually overheard a woman on the recumbent bike next to me at physical therapy a few weeks ago talking about wanting to see how many calories she burned warming up and related that to burning off some of the donut she ate for breakfast.

Or jumping on the elliptical early in the morning to burn off the nightly bowl of ice cream.

Being afraid to stop running in fear of weight gain even though the person didn’t enjoy running.

Maybe using exercise to be “able to eat”

Or the talk about how many burpees we would have to do to work off our Thanksgiving dinner.




This is a topic we visit in my online boot camps. The backbone of all of my programs closely intertwine training+sustainable nutrition strategies to fuel my clients bodies to provide a steady stream of energy throughout the day and during their workouts while dropping bf, losing inches,increasing muscle tone and feeling no guilt about the food they eat!!

Guess what? I’ve opened up registration for my Holiday Shred Carb Cycling Boot Camp yesterday. This highly fun and effective four week program will be easy to implement into a busy lifestyle along with weekly actionable deliverables, accountability, motivation and private weekly check-in’s to ensure amazing  progress!!

This program is being offered at the very discounted holiday rate for all of this very effective workout + nutrition guidance and four weeks of ongoing coaching. Basically less than the cost of two personal training session!!

Prep week for this program starts the week of the 21st!!. Let’s make this holiday season your best one yet!!

You can find out all the deets HERE!! 

One more thing before I end this rant.

Unfortunately exercise has been closely intertwined with ‘working off’ the food we consume. This mindset is a bit tilted and perpetuates the idea that exercise is used as a punishment for enjoying the food eat, and I must say that I am in the camp that food should be enjoyed!! #HOLLA


I believe we should always move,sweat, and train in a way that provides us energy, enjoyment, strength and confidence.


XO, Jenn

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How To Lose Body Fat And Not Feel Deprived



How’s your week been? This week has flown by for me. The weather is beautiful and I’m looking forward to a few long walks at the park, visiting good friends for dinner and preparing for my next photoshoot!! I’m so darn pumped. My sweet client Stephanie is a photographer and when I approached her about some new pics she was so excited!! Oh, and when I say prep I mean figuring out what to wear and researching some fun ideas for the shoot because there will be some wine and pizza in my future this weekend! Can’t wait to share the pic with you guys 🙂
Have you ever started a diet and felt totally motivated and ready to make some changes? You just know that this time is it and you are finally going to see the results you have been after. Maybe it’s a diet from a recent magazine article, or the latest and greatest 30 day program or you finally decide to try the detox your friend has done and lost 10 pounds in 5 days. If you said YES to any one this you are not alone.


In fact many of my clients come to me with a very similar story. As a fitness and nutrition coach I pride myself on coaching my clients and creating nutrition programs for them that are enjoyable, doable and provide them satisfying long lasting results!! I personally don’t believe in meal plans or telling my clients what they should or should not eat and believe in giving my client autonomy in their programs because they have to implement the strategies that work best for them on a daily basis! #wordtoyamotha

In my experience people associate diet and exercise with the feelings of deprivation, hunger, struggle and just down right hard. If you have or are currently experiencing any of these feelings please stop what you are doing right now!! 

We are all very unique individuals and have a unique physiology, so for me to tell all of my clients to eat the same things would be terribly wrong not only to my professional values but to my clients success!!
So today we are going to talk about some strategies to lose bodyfat and not feel deprived and the focus being on nutrition. I’m going to discuss the exercise part of the equation real soon 🙂



Compliance. If a nutrition plan is too restrictive, and has you feeling like everyday is struggle to shove some food you dislike down at each meal and is leaving you feeling hungry  and pissed off than this is not the diet for you. If a nutrition plan is enjoyable and feels like it can be maintained for a long time than we are more likely to be compliant and this leads to long term nutrition adherence. #success


 Eat larger meals. Have you ever heard that you have to eat 5-6 smaller meals a day to lose weight and  boost your metabolism? It’s a bunch of bologna. I’m not saying this strategy can’t work but eating tiny meals every few hours is like a tease and in my opinion over the course of the day will leave you even hungrier with a tendency to overeat by the end of the day. Try eating three to four moderate-larger meals a day.

Add volume to your meals. By adding volume to your meals by increasing the size of your meals-see tip #2 and by increasing the volume of your meals by the way of veggies will help with satisfaction plus allowing us to meet our daily quota of veggies by adding fiber, vitamins and  minerals. I always recommend that my clients eat 1-2 servings of veggies per meal. If that’s seem to difficult to do you can try adding some frozen leafy greens to your protein smoothie or eat a #BAS (big ass salad) everyday to bump up your daily quota of veggies.

Ps- I share a ton of my meals and meal prep over on IG stories in case you were needing some meal inspiration 🙂

  1. Carb cycling. Carb cycling is a method where periods of higher and lower carbohydrate intake varies with training intensity. But other factors include, diet history, goals, level of fitness and training program, height, weight, activity level, etc to establish an effective carb cycling program.

There a many other factors that go into a solid nutrition plan like getting enough protein, fats and the right amount of carbohydrates in your diet, as well as meal split and nutrient timing but for today we are sticking to some of the basics.

By the way! I have a few VIP one-on-one online coaching spots open and would love to work with you to create a custom training and nutrition program that will have you feeling stronger, leaner, more confident and in control of your diet!!


Fill out the contact form for more details and I will get back to you as soon as possible!!


Happy Friday!!

XO, Jenn

Client Spotlight-Haylee’s Transformation

WOW! Can I just take a minute to brag on my rockstar client Haylee on her killer progress!!

Her transformation pics are one year apart and I could not be more proud of her!!

Haylee had lost weight in the past from running and quick fix diets but that worked only for the short term. They were not sustainable for her and she did not enjoy running and being hungry all of the time. So when we first started working together we were starting from step one. We worked on tracking and being more mindful of her nutrition, paired with bodyweight, strength and conditioning workouts 2-3 days a week. We have progressed tremendously regarding her strength over the past year and we’ve continued to make small but doable changes to her nutrition strategies and her body continues to transform!!

Haylee has not skipped a beat this entire year. Oh, and as of today she crushed her first round of trap bar deadlifts and is on her way to doing full push ups!! #BOOM

Haylee told me that she loves lifting weights and the way she eats. Her co-workouts, friends and family are always shocked that lifting weights 2-3 days a week, walking and good nutrition strategies transformed her like this.

I truly enjoy seeing her smile and positive attitude every time she steps into the gym and can’t wait to see what the next year has in store for her!!

XO, Jenn

The Secret Sauce To Your Success + Three Steps To Put A Plan Into Action



I can finally admit now that at 38 years old I am a type A perfectionist personality. I’ve always been a rule follower and a planner. Yeah for self acceptance 🙂

I wanted to chat about this topic because well, with New Years approaching the ‘ish’ starts to get real when it comes to goal setting.

The ‘Secret Sauce’ to goal setting is having a plan!!

This could mean having a general goal like  I just want to be healthier or more be more fit  OR a more specific and detailed plan. I prefer the latter 🙂

A more specific goal would be something like:

I want to go down a size in my jeans.

Increasing the protein in my diet.

Building muscle or toning up.

Wanting to run a 5k in 20 minutes.


Sure we can set goals all day long and say we want to accomplish this and that but without having a plan in place how will we accomplish these specific goals????

Here are Three Steps To Help You Put a Plan Into Action:

  1. Be real specific with your goals. Just like I discussed above, if the goal is not really detailed and specific how will we know the exact steps and direction to take to attain those goals.
  1.  Write it down. Now that you nailed down your exact goal, write it down along with three action steps required to reach that goal. Again it all boils down to that secret sauce, having a plan. Say your goal was to tone up. Your three action steps would be to:

Join a gym

Hire a Trainer for accountability, guidance, and  to create a program that will achieve the goal of toning your body.jp2-5547

Schedule your workouts ahead of time in your phone so there is less of a chance the workout will be missed 🙂

  1. Ask yourself this. Is my goal realistic and sustainable? Is the goal you are trying to achieve something you can see yourself doing for the long term? Does it fit into your lifestyle? If the answer is no then it’s back to the drawing board and maybe changing up the goal a bit or setting more realistic expectations so that your fitness journey is successful and enjoyable 🙂


XO, Jenn

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Lower Body Focused Strength Workout


Before we get to the good stuff…Always remember to warm up prior to starting a workout and get the consent of a doctor when participation in a new workout program. Got it 🙂

Superset 1: 4×10-Link to video 

Accentuated Eccentric Db Chest Press tempo- 4111 (take :04 to lower down)

Paused Back Squat (you can sub with a Goblet squat too) tempo 2211

Superset 2: 3x 10

Trap bar Deadlifts

Side Plank w\rotation

Metabolic Lower Body Circuit: 3-4 sets 

Band Resisted Stiff Leg Deadlifts- 12 tempo 3112 (contract glutes at standing for :02)

Step up to reverse lunge- 15 L&R

TRX Sumo squat jumps- 15


If you try the workout I would love to know how it goes!!

XO, Jenn

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Do You Have To Track Calories In Order To Lose Weight?


When I first start working with a client whether they are in-person or online I like to delve into a series of detailed questions to get to know their nutrition and exercise history. This gives me an idea of where I am meeting my client at in their fitness journey and together we come up with a plan to work towards getting them results. I just said ‘we’ work together because I don’t believe in writing meal plans or telling my clients what they should be eating. My job is to guide them in the most safe and effective manner towards their goals and making the habits they establish long term.

So do you have to track calories to lose weight?

The short answer is NO but please keep reading to find out why and how!POWP3605

There are four foundations to an effective nutrition program:

  1. Quantity of food aka total amount of calories
  2. Quality of food. Eating Pizza vs a turkey sandwich and a kale salad.
  3. Macronutrient Split (the percentage of carbs, fats, protein based on their goals)
  4. Meal or Nutrient Timing. The amount of meals or set up of protein, fat, carbs in each meal in order to deliver a desired result.

Since we are talking about fat loss calories really matter. It’s science and called The Law Of Thermodynamics. We must expend more energy than we take in in order to lose weight. I like to program my fat loss clients to lose a healthy and sustainable .5-1lb a week by creating a deficit from exercise and calories.I am in the camp that believes you should try to eat as much as you can and workout as little as possible and still reach your goals. This is a term called the minimum effective dose, and that can be deeply delved into for another post 🙂IMG_3311

While I believe calorie and macro tracking is and can be very effective I never require that my clients use this method. If they get stressed out by this approach or are too busy I start at the top of this list of alternative nutritional methods  and work my way down until the goal has been achieved.

If you don’t want to track calories but still want to lose weight you can do this instead:

  1. Focus on trimming back portions a bit from each meal and it’s usually from carbohydrates. Not that carbs are bad, I am all for carbohydrates. So instead of having bread, rice and fruit with lunch, pick one of the three and make protein the focus of the meal.
  1. Improve quality of food. If someone had been eating sugary breakfast bars, you know the kind I’m talking about! I would recommend they replace it with a higher protein, lower sugar bar.
  1. Plan a meal split that’s more satisfying to your hunger. Say you are not hungry for breakfast but feel like you have to eat breakfast so you run out the door and grab a banana and a muffin. Then you are hungry two hours later, eat again and so forth. You are actually consuming more calories by thinking I have to eat because it’s this time or this meal. An approach for something like this would be to push back breakfast a little later when you are hungry and then make meal choices based off of step 1 and 2 above. Now you have slightly decreased calories, improved food quality and feel satisfied. #success

I always make sure that I take my clients feed back from their check-ins and adjust accordingly. I also like to suggest tracking breaks or eating at maintenance calories for a short period of time to offer a little sanity break and more flexibility to continue to be consistent because compliance is KEY when it come to a solid nutrition program that delivers results!!

Final Call for my Fit and Festive Online Boot Camp and there are a few spots left!!

I’m closing registration tonight and this will be my last online group boot camp for the year.

Do you want to feel sexy and super confident in your holiday dress this year? Do you want to feel in control of your nutrition and have more energy this holiday season? Are you looking to lose a few inches and feel leaner and tighter in your midsection?You should because you deserve it!!

Ladies!! There is no better time than right NOW to make progress so you don’t feel like New Years is a “Do Over”

My highly effective six week boot camp program includes:

-Five 30 minute or less fat burning workouts that require minimal equipment and updated weekly. Your personalized training app with calendar, daily workout reminders, and progress tracking.

-Easy to implement carb cycling nutrition strategies with sample meal ideas.

-Bi-Weekly check in’s with me to ensure you are making progress.

-Private group community of like minded women with similar goals.

-Live weekly trainings.

This program is being offered at the very discounted holiday rate for all of this very effective workout + nutrition guidance and six weeks of ongoing coaching.

Let’s make this holiday season your best one yet!!

Fill out the contact form or send me an email@spingirl78@gmail to grab your spot!!

XO, Jenn

Accountability is the “Bee’s Knees” To Our Results



Let’s talk about accountability shall we 🙂

It’s probably the first thing every single new client mentions on our consult calls, “I need accountability”


There is absolutely nothing wrong with needing accountability and in some form or fashion we can all benefit from it.

Has this ever happened to you?

  • You didn’t feel like showing up for a class you signed up for at the gym.
  • You didn’t sleep well and want to cancel on your session with your trainer.
  • Life gets busy and motivation to exercise starts to decline.
  • You are stressed out and it’s easier to run through the drive-thru than stop at the grocery store?

Recently one of my in-person training clients was struggling with her nutrition so we made a few habit changes and I asked that she send me a pic of her breakfast every morning. This has worked really well for her and now a new habit is established and it’s just part of her routine and has made her more mindful of her nutrition the rest of the day!

My online clients love the accountability component of our program. During our bi-weekly check in’s they have told me how they have stayed on track during travel for work and on family vacations when normally they wouldn’t. I love that 🙂

Whether you are trying to go down a few clothing sizes, be more active, eat better or work on building a lean physique accountability is key to staying in the game for the long haul. Especially now that the holiday’s are coming up and life can get a little sideways. The first thing to be put on the back burner is our workouts and nutrition habits go out the window.


In fact, a few years ago I started training with my BFF because I was in a slump and needed that extra push and accountability. I even hired an online personal trainer this past summer. Not only so I could get out of my own headspace but to have another professional’s guidance, make me step outside of my comfort zone and kick my nutrition into high gear and I loved it!!

Here’s a few ways you can have more accountilby:

  • Enlist the help of a friend, neighbor or spouse to schedule some workouts, grocery shopping trips or even just a few long walks a week together.


  • Hire a personal trainer. Even if it’s for a short period of time to get you going in the right direction and out of your slump.
  • Sign up for my Fit and Festive Boot Camp!!

I know the holiday’s are coming up and life is about to get even busier, I totally get it! I personally believe that we can make progress and reach our goals even when life gets crazy. That’s why I created my new online boot camp Fit and Festive.

My thought process is this-there is no better time than right NOW to make progress or even just maintain where you are so you don’t feel like New Years is a “Do Over”

This highly effective six week program includes:

Five fat burning workouts that require minimal equipment and updated weekly. Your personalized training app with calendar, daily workout reminders, and progress tracking.

Easy to implement carb cycling nutrition program with sample meal ideas.

Bi-Weekly check in’s with me to ensure you are making progress.

Private group community of like minded women with similar goals.

Live weekly trainings.

Registration closes tomorrow 11\1 and this will be my last group program for the year!

This online bootcamp is being offered at the very discounted holiday rate for all of this very effective workout + nutrition coaching and six weeks of ongoing coaching.

Fill out the contact form HERE or email

Let’s make this holiday season your best one yet!!

XO, Jenn