I did the craziest thing!




I can’t believe I’m  wrapping up the #joyinthejourney series. Like I said in an earlier email, I almost chickened out and didn’t write this series. I’m glad I did and have no regrets sharing some super vulnerable things I’ve been struggling with.

In a recent presentation I spoke at for female entrepreneurs, I shared how none of us want to put the spotlight on our screw ups, insecurities and vulnerabilities. We want to always look like we’ve got it all together. And guess what? Nobody does. Speaking from the fitness side of things you will will rarely see a fitness professional\personal trainer show or talk about shitty workouts, body image personal struggles or imperfect meals. Again nobody is perfect.

I have found over the last few years of embracing being more transparent has improved so many aspects of my life and relationships, business and personal.

Ok, now for that crazy thing I did.  

I started doing lots of reflecting while we were on vacation in the beginning of November about the events of the past few years.  

2013-2017 was tough [AF} for me. And guess what? I survived them :)-

So I decided to get my first tattoo to represent the ‘STRENGTH’ that I’ve cultivated over the last several years. You can see a pic of my tattoo HERE!  Forza means strength in Italian. I’ve always loved tattoos on other people but never felt that there was anything that meaningful that I wanted permanently on my body. There you have it 🙂

The biggest insight I’ve come to realize more than ever this past year is this.

Our MINDSET is the most powerful factor in whether we are successful or not. And when I say successful I’m talking about every single aspect of our life. Weight loss, muscle gain, overcoming emotional eating, consistency in habits, relationships, work, injury recovery. I could go on and on.


And a few more insights that I think will resonate with you:

Never say never.

You can miss a lot of workouts and your body will not fall apart and you won’t die.

Being consistent with nutrition will trump perfection every time.

The way we look at food has a bigger impact on our results more than what we are actually eating. I know that’s a hard one for us to wrap our head around but it’s so true.

Be kind to our body.  Pushing ourselves is not the best way achieve results.

We’ve got to stop focusing on all the things that we can’t do, don’t like doing or all the things that stress us out and start focusing on all the things that make us feel good, and that have us thriving everyday. Again, this goes back to the mindset piece of it.

I’ve saved the best and maybe the most important one (behind mindset) for last. MUSCLE IS EVERYTHING!

I can’t stress this enough to you. Increasing and being able to maintain our lean muscle mass especially as we age is the best thing we can do for our body. Not only are muscles sexy and gives us the lean, toned, tight, sculpted look we desire for our body, it helps us have a healthy metabolism, a strong and highly  functioning body and helps with injury prevention.

I can tell you first hand that after years of working hard to build muscle (and it’s not as easy as most think) and now losing much of it this past year from inactivity has had a huge impact on me and my body. Though my scale weight is basically the same my body composition is very different, my pants are tighter, I have more cellulite and softer all around even though the scale did not go up.

But the strange part of this is that I’ve learned to love and embrace my body even more, imperfections and all.

Working with women between the age of 38-55 all clients initially tell me that as the years go on they notice a change in their body composition. Feeling flabby, soft , weight gain, a wider midsection,and have an increase in cellulite. This occurs because of the decline in muscle mass as we age. And the saying goes true, if you don’t use it you lose it. One more random factoid. All of my clients that starting lifting weights prior or at the beginning on menopause have had less symptoms, weight gain and negative body changes than those that didn’t.

If you are not currently lifting weights go do it! Doesn’t matter if your goal is fat loss or not. Just do it!


If you are lifting weights a little bit, start lifting more!!


If you are lifting on the regular , keep going and keep challenging yourself!


This thing called a fitness journey is for life. It will ebb and flow. It will feel great and then it will suck. We will make progress and then we won’t for a while. If we’re going to be in to for the long haul we must:


  1. Take the right actions towards our goals every single day. Make moves, big or small.
  2. Stop allowing perfection to keep us from achieving the thing that we want the most.


Currently I’m still seeking more holistic approaches to help my back\hip pain and will not quit until I am 1000% back to my old self. I’ve started practicing hot yoga in early fall and have been loving it. Can’t believe I’m saying that. I take two hot yoga classes a week and try to lift weights two-three times per week. I just have to listen to my body. Far from my workout routine a few years ago but I will get there. Slow and steady 🙂


Before you go I’ve got some fun ideas swirling around in my head that I want to share with you 🙂


I’m considering hosting a quickie fitness and nutrition mastermind course before spring time hits. Would you be interested in something like that?


And  I’m thinking about starting a new hashtag #fitfor40 and sharing my journey in my new closed Fitness Facebook group- Body By Design Fit Tribe. I would be documenting my mini transformation journey up until my 40th birthday at the end of October. YIKES! I can’t believe those words are coming out of my mouth.

I would love for you to be a part of it and could use the extra support and accountability along the way 🙂

Got questions, comments, or just want to share a struggle you’re currently going through? I would love to know and hash it out with you!

Thank you for allowing me to take up some space in your life. I’m super grateful for that!

XO, Jenn

Transformation Tuesday


This girl!! My client has been crushing her goals for the past few years and she’s ecstatic about her progress by the way of getting stronger, leaner and her confidence is through the roof!!

Though we could not ‘spot train’ her mid section it was the an area that was taking a little longer to see changes in. This is not uncommon, especially after having children.

So for the past several months we have implemented a few key but simple strategies to her macronutrient timing and split along with including more unilateral and core focused strength training to really tie it all in and the results show in these pictures!!

I have a few VIP one-on-one online coaching spots open this month. Fill out the contact form for more information because I would love to help you ‘Find Your Fit’



When Your Goals Change Without You Even Realizing It

Have you ever sat down to think about and really nail down what your goals are? I think this is a crucial step when someone is either starting or wanting to progress in their fitness journey, and create a plan of action from there. While this is important and I encourage all of my clients to do this when we first start working together, the really interesting thing I notice is the switch of goals and mindset about exercise that I see in clients after they start strength training.

Even in my online boot camps we set goals early on in the program, and not just fat loss goals either. We focus on performance based goals such as progressing an exercise or increasing the amount of weight lifted or having to take less rest breaks during our sets. Then we celebrate these non scale victories together at the end of the week!

By the way…I am opening one more round of my  new online boot camp called Strong and Sculpted!! It starts Monday October 3rd!! Registration just opening this week and you can find out all the deets here. I would love to work with you so please reach out to me if you are interested or have any questions!!

While my job is to coach my clients to help them reach their goals in the most safe and effective manner possible via a training and nutrition plan to reflect these goals, sometimes during their programs their mindset and the original goals they thought they wanted isn’t the same anymore!!

For example:

When I first started working with my client, doing a  chin-up wasn’t even one of her goals when we initially started working together, fat loss was. My client was stuck in a rut with her workouts, had hit a plateau and was not seeing results anymore. She was basically going through the motions of her fitness routine at this point.

But over time as we progressed her training program to focus on building muscle, slowly implemented doable nutrition strategies to support her training and her goals she saw incredible changes. Her strength was increasing, body composition changing, clothing sizes went down and was achieving things she never thought possible💕💪🏻



Yup! She’s Bad Ass 🙂


Now  her goals are to continue to increase her reps on chin-ups as well as setting PR’s for her other lifts. Her mindset has shifted and we are continually working on building up her body by the way of lean muscle tissue and adjusting her nutrition strategies to help support  these changes.

Even though she trains with me in-person, I can still help you achieve the same results with my VIP one-on-one online coaching services. I have a few coaching spots open this month and I would love to work with you! Send me an email@spingirl78@gmail or fill out the contact form for more details about my online coaching services

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A Fun Weekend + Being Out Of Sorts

Hey guys! How is your Tuesday going so far? I’m actually just feeling like I’m coming up for air today! So I’m getting a little more caught up with online clients,emails as well as this blog post 🙂

Speaking of online clients, I am excited to announce that I am currently accepting online clients for my  VIP one on one coaching. I would love to work with you!!

So back to the weekend. Last Friday we went down to Memphis in May BBQ Fest where we have many good friends that compete every year so it was fun to go down and visit, try some BBQ which is not actually my fave but the BBQ these teams cook is delicious!! The weather was absolutely amazing and we had a great time.

Then woke up Saturday morning for some leisurely coffee and a workout. I did a full body metabolic strength workout and had a little extra gas in me so I finished with this little number. Took a quick shower, trained a client, and headed out the door. Treated myself to a mani\pedi, a quick stop a Chipotle and then it was on to lots of errands. Since my laptop was being repaired it forced me to get some things done that I’ve been putting off. Then it was date night with my handsome hubby. We split a steak, brussel sprouts and a nice bottle of wine. Wish I snapped a pic 😦



Sunday started with breakfast ,a quick walk with the pups and then a trip to the zoo with the fam and it was another glorious day.

We left straight from the zoo for a friends graduation party and didn’t get home until late. So it was time for me to shower, put on pj’s and shut it down!

I love spending time with family and friends but if it doesn’t allow me some down time to get prepared for the upcoming week it throws me for a loop.

I woke up at my normal Monday at 5:00 feeling really out of sorts and this does not happen to me very often. I had been without a laptop all weekend, I didn’t prepare any food but at least had purchased , my kitchen was a mess, laundry needed to be done and basically wanted to crawl back on the couch. This was obviously not an option since I had a morning full of clients and lots of online work to catch up on.


Mid morning, between clients I managed a quick HIIT session on the spin bike, foam rolled and called it a day. Normally Monday is a strength session but there was no way. My body said NO! The thought of all that food prep, house cleaning and work truly had overwhelmed this already tired girl. I gave myself the mental pep talk I would give one of my clients. I allowed myself to just roll with cutting my workout short and having a “BLAH” day, do the best I can and the rest will be there tomorrow.

Despite feeling this way I got quite a bit done. I food prepped like a boss in one hour, responded to emails and messages, cleaned the house, showered and basically collapsed on the couch by 6:45 and it was heaven 🙂

I am back in full swing today,looking forward to a killer workout tonight and having a super productive week!!

How was your weekend?

XO, Jenn

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Lift Weights to Lose Weight


Regardless of what my client’s goals are I always make strength training a major part of their program. Whether they have 100 pounds to lose, that last five or they are 65 years old and just starting to work out, I make sure they hit the weights on a regular basis. The belief use to be that if we wanted to lose weight we should do lots of cardio and starve ourselves to attain those goals.

This even became more evident after talking to 60+ women over the last several months during consult calls. The one thing they all had in common was that they wanted to be leaner, stronger, or “tone up” and we’re not seeing results from their current workout routines which consisted mostly of cardio.

Now I am not saying cardio is bad. Cardio has amazing health benefits!!  And as my father in law would say “it’s good to get the stink off of you” Great for those days you need to just sweat out the stress and not have to think about it too much!! But I don’t think cardio is a great way to change body composition and it’s only good for short-term weight loss.

But who really wants short-term weight loss?

Using cardio as the only strategy to lose weight or change body composition will have us looking like a smaller softer version of ourselves. Some even experience increased hunger and weight gain.

I speak from personal experience as a former spin class \boot camp fitness instructor. I taught many classes each week and then did more cardio in my own personal workouts or tried to train for races here and there. I shared this transformation on my Facebook page the other day and here on my Instagramimage


When we embark on a progressive weight training program and good nutrition plan, fat is lost and muscle is gained. So you can strength train, have the scale go down or even sometimes stay the same but end up with a smaller, tighter, stronger looking body!

But besides losing weight and looking good in our jeans, there are so many other amazing benefits of weight training.

It’s the best way to increase your metabolism-aka burning more calories at rest.

Helps improve insulin sensitivity.JennP-4322

Increases strength to accomplish daily activities.

Have an overall highly functioning kick ass body!

Physical Strength begets mental strength and vice versa. The stronger and more confident you become in the gym will transfer over to other areas of our lives.

So go pick up some heavy weights, lift often and put that on repeat!!


FYI-I am so stinking excited about opening another round of My Summer Shred online boot camp May 2nd!!!

Are you interested in increasing your strength while seeing results in your physique? Would you want to improve your nutrition without the stress of dieting and see results? Do you want to feel confident, energetic and motivated to look and feel your best this summer?

I would love to work with you to help you get the results you are after!! 

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Can having a workout buddy help your fitness goals?


People always think I’m a runner. I’m just a girl who lifts weights but doesn’t look like it 🙂


The short answer. YES!

In yesterday’s blog post, here’s the link in case you missed it 🙂


One of the strategies I suggested to stay on track during the holidays is to ask a friend to workout with you for accountability and motivation. You are less likely to cancel a workout session if you have someone waiting on you!

I have found that works for many of my clients as well as myself.

I have recently suffered from a bout of low motivation to workout. This was a strange feeling to me. I rarely experienced it and not for this length of time. I knew the only option was to ask friend to workout with me and it really has helped. We have both discussed during our sessions that we both push harder and in turn have a kick ass workout session!!




There have been many instances that I even told my friend that if we weren’t meeting up for a workout I probably would have skipped. Maybe I didn’t sleep well {what else is new} had too much to do that day or just didn’t feel like it. Whatever the reason was I was always glad I showed up 🙂

Here are a few tips how to pick the right workout partner.

If you do decide to recruit a workout buddy make sure they are at a similar fitness level. Neither one of you wants to get frustrated or feel bad that one of you is holding the other back.

Your workout partner should have similar fitness goals as you. If you are wanting to lift weights to get lean and your friend wants to run long distances to try and lose weight neither of you will be happy with the end result. Make sure you communicate clearly what your goals are and set a plan from there. Fail to plan=Plan to fail

Make sure they are reliable. Cancelling more than showing up will defeat the purpose of having an accountability partner and it could hurt the friendship.

Working out with a friend is a great way to catch up with each other’s lives. Be sure that your workout partner doesn’t take up too much of the workout time talking and taking long breaks.


Do you prefer to work out alone or with a buddy?








Do you struggle to find the motivation to stay on track during the holiday season?

grumpy christmas cat


It’s gets dark early.


It’s cold.


Holiday commitments take up more of our time.


I’m tired.


I’m just too stressed!!


I get it and I’m right there with ya 🙂

Here are some helpful tips that will help you stay on track and get you through this holiday season.

It’s ok to shorten your workouts. Something is always better than nothing. Instead of your usual five one hour long sessions, back it down to three or four thirty minute sessions.

Go for a brisk walk. Walking can help lower stress levels which in turn can lead to better food choices. So lace up your sneakers and hit the pavement rather than sitting down with the Christmas cookies.

diet meme

Ask a friend to commit to working out with you through the holidays. The fact that someone is waiting on you to workout will most likely keep you from ditching your workout session.

Cut yourself some slack. I always tell my clients that the holiday season is a good time to focus on maintenance. It takes the stress out of feeling like every time we indulge we failed and then end up eating #allthefood.

Pick two things and make them your *Big Rocks* Stick with them no matter what!! Maybe it’s drinking 60 oz. of water, making a green protein shake or walking daily. Make these things the foundation of your day to day activities and if nothing else goes as planned at least you can feel good about sticking to your *Big Rocks*


I hope all this helps!



Do you celebrate your wins or focus on the losses?

This year I had my Fit Body Boot Camp girls and I pick ONE goal that we wanted to work on for 2015. Then I had them take it a step further and had them write three steps that would help them achieve that goal. This past Friday was our final meeting for the year to discuss what we had achieved.

I’ve been working with many of these women for several years and this year in particular was quite successful for all of them. Many of them lost weight {one woman lost 13 pounds this year} improved body composition aka *more muscle*, drank more water, fit into their clothes better, had perfect doctors reports, committed to exercising more and preparing food ahead of time to improve eating habits.

I believe they were super successful for a few reasons. By writing the steps down and having a plan of action kept them focused on that one goal.Many of them had paired up as accountability partners. Having our quarterly check in’s served as a reminder that even if they fell off track they still had time, support and motivation from each other to get there.

But there was one thing I did notice despite all the success that they had achieved. The focus always shifted to all the things they didn’t do or felt they messed up on. Why do we do that to ourselves? Why can’t we be happy with what we have worked so hard to achieve and be OK with that? Why can’t we be proud that we are exercising more, drinking more water but then focus on letting things slip up the last few weeks because life got stressful.

It’s totally OK!

Why can’t we proud that we worked so hard for the last 11 months but we get down about what we didn’t do the past 14 days?

It’s time to look at the big picture!!

The little things you try to do everyday, not just the few things you didn’t do last week.

Let’s stop being so hard on ourselves and be more loving and compassionate when shit isn’t perfect.

There is no deadline, but there is a lifetime to continue to make it right.


Non Scale Victories

Let’s talk about NON SCALE VICTORIES!!

One of the main things I have my clients focus on during their fitness journey is the non scale victories. Even when their goal is weight loss, there are more important factors to pay attention to that I feel have WAY more value than the blinking number on the scale.

Recently I have had quite a few clients sharing their non scale victories with me, which I adore by the way😘

Here are some of them:

I don’t obsess with weighing myself everyday anymore.

I know I’m making progress because my belly does not go past my belt buckle.

I can tell my legs are leaner because they don’t spread out as far as they use to when I’m sitting down.

I use to wear baggy pajamas to bed and now I go to bed naked

I had lots of stamina and strength to carry boxes moving into my new house.

I am more confident in dealing with my personal struggles.

I walk around naked in front of my husband more often

I can do full push ups and unassisted pull ups for the first time in my life💪🏻

Tracking my food consistently has been a real eye opener. It’s helped me lose weight and is very effective!