Lift To Get Lean Online ‘Lifestyle’ Training and Nutrition Program



Are you wanting to see results for all of the hard work and effort you are putting into your training and nutrition efforts? Do you want to feel stronger, leaner and lose inches while dropping {bf}? Would increased energy and confidence while seeing results in your physique sound good to you? Do you want to improve your nutrition without the stress of dieting while have no food restrictions?  It’s time to workout and eat smarter not harder!!

If your goal in 2017 is to ‘Level Up’ and see amazing results in your physique from a  well designed results driven training plan that implements all of the important training variables such as intensity, volume, proper form, tempo, exercise selection and adequate recovery is the key to seeing results paired with advanced nutrition strategies: a macronutrient based approach, nutrient timing and carb cycling to really dial things in and accelerate your results than Lift To Get Lean is the program for you!! 

Lift To Get Lean starts Monday August 14 st!!  with prep week starting  the week of Monday August 7th. I would love for you to be a part of it!!



This high level ,very fun and effective six week online training and nutrtion program includes:

Six weeks of a periodized fat burning-muscle sculpting training program(3 strength + 2 HIIT workouts updated weekly so you progress in your workouts and see real results!! Premium personalized training app, workouts calendar, daily reminders, progress tracking and more.

Individualized calorie\macronutrient program designed for optimal results, energy and workout performance with adjustment as needed throughout the program.

Video training series teaching you how to use carb cycling for the physique you desire by eating the right amount of calorie\macronutrients for your goals and learn how to make it work in your lifestyle, along with hybrid methods of food tracking to take the stress out of your nutrition.

Actionable PDF’s, easy food prep strategies, recipe sharing, Sunday menu sharing, macronutrient lists, macronutrient portion guide, and sample menu’s

Very active and supportive private facebook community with daily actionable deliverables and daily check-in’s with me.

My 100% commitment and dedication that I will coach you to reach your goals!!

There are very few programs on the market like this and I am confident that this program will deliver results!!



Here’s are just a few of my amazing client progress pics!! Love these ladies :))


“I am finally happy with my body”

Top- May 2016

Middle-September 2016

Bottom-February 2017

Jill has gone down a few clothing sizes, has lost six inches, and fifteen pounds, though she prefers to use her clothing fit and how she feels to assess her progress 🙂

But more importantly Jill also had a huge mindset shift in regards to nutrition and exercise…

I have always considered myself an active person, but would not have described myself as fit. Prior to working with Jenn, I spent my time concentration on cardio and yo-yo dieting. I gained lots of weight with my first child. After his birth, I headed back to the gym. I returned to my old cardio and “dieting” ways. I wasn’t seeing results with what I was doing until  I decided to join Jenn’s online boot camp!




Can we give my client and new mommy a big congrats for all of her hard work and dedication to her health and fitness!! I am so grateful we get to work together and celebrate her success together :))

There is eight weeks between pictures. Top pics are beginning of February when she started #liftogetlean and bottom pics are from this week as we have been working together on-on-one online since the program ended. As of right now she’s down a total of eight pounds and two inches in her mid-section and is visibly seeing muscle definition all over!!

-I loved working with Jenn in the Lift To Get Lean program and the challenge and variety of workouts. Since I am a new mom it helped me take the thinking out of my workouts and nutrition. The format of her program makes everything easy to understand. I am going to be one hot momma this summer!!




I am so excited for my Lift To Get Lean online client\friend for her amazing nine month progress!! She’s lost more than several clothing sizes, and reports that she feels stronger and healthier than ever before!!

-This is why I love this program! I don’t have to beat myself up over enjoying food! The first few boot camps I did last summer were hard to wrap my mind around this. After implementing these nutrition strategies for 6+ months, it’s now super easy! Even going on vacation and indulging a little more for a few days hasn’t gotten me off track. I love it!!

Brandi Laywer 5-2016-8-2016


-I have learned so much in the Lift To Get Lean program and with your guidance I’ve managed to lose inches, scale weight (but I don’t put too much emphasis on that) and have built muscle. It’s amazing to see the difference not only physically but I have so much more energy and my confidence is through the roof! I feel like myself again. I have also stopped the ‘all or nothing’ mentality when it comes to nutrition and exercise and I never feel deprived. I can’t thank you enough!!




And a few more….

I can’t begin to put into words what you’re programs have meant to me.  I’ve never felt so strong and in control of my body before in my life.  It’s amazing what feeling confident does for every aspect of my life.  It really bleeds into everything and I love it.  Even before I began working with you I gave up the scales just based off of your social media posts.  Best decision I ever made!  These last 6 months have been incredible and I can’t wait to continue my fitness journey.

My pre-baby skinny jeans fit comfortably and I’m feeling stronger in my workouts.

I enjoy my workouts and energy levels are great. I’m down a total of 14 pounds!!

I’ve had to pretty much invest in a new wardrobe due to the changes in my body since I’ve started working with you. What’s crazy is that my body is continually changing! My new “skinny” jeans are already starting to fit differently and are too big in the waist and booty. It’s amazing!

I love the ease and flexibility of my nutrition and I’m down a total of 15 pounds, two pants sizes and more than several inches. I’m so happy in this program and the workouts have made me physically and mentally stronger. I can’t wait for Lift to Get Lean to start!!!


Here’s what you can expect after signing up:

After initial sign up you will be emailed waiver and consent forms as well as a client consult form.

Once all forms and documents are emailed back to me you will receive an email with detailed instructions to set up your training app and invite to private facebook group.

**Everyone in the Lift To Get Lean  is required to check-in to the facebook group on a daily basis!





Let’s thrive together in 2017 by registering below!! Lift To Get Lean starts Monday August 14th!!


Or if you have any questions about the program please fill out this FORM and I will get back to you as soon as possible!!

XO, Jenn