Strong and Sculpted

JennP-40271I know how frustrating it can be when you are putting so much of your time, physical and mental energy into a new diet and exercise routine while not seeing the results you want. That’s when we start asking the questions, am I doing the right things? Will this ever work? Can I realistically reach my goals? There was a point in my life where I was there myself and have spent many years figuring out the answers to these questions.

When progress doesn’t happen as fast as we want it to (and trust me we all want results fast), we then resort to restricting our diets and doing too much exercise which can turn into an unhealthy and vicious cycle. This usually ends up in burn out and giving up what we are really after. Don’t worry, because at some point this happens to all of us. I truly understand how this feels and want to help you! It is possible to achieve all of your goals and live a healthy and happy lifestyle. I’ve done it myself and have helped many clients do the same!


I know you want to feel and look your best. I have developed methods to help my client’s workout smarter and not harder, still eat foods they love and see results, and most importantly love the way they look and feel great while enjoying all of it without stress!

Megan- What I most enjoy is Jenn’s philosophy of fitness and nutrition to improve habits rather than using this as a quick fix program. I work 50 hours a week, travel and have a family so the quick but effective workouts make it easy for me to make it a part of my lifestyle! Lifting weights has made the biggest difference in my body shape especially since I have always been a runner. Jenn’s program is the only one that is actually pushing me to eat more and have better results!

Ammie- Initially, I was skeptical. I knew what I should be eating and only had a few pounds to lose, so what could I possibly gain from this program?  A lot actually! It is astounding what you can accomplish when you have someone to guide you and hold you accountable.  Within the first few weeks, I begin to realize how misguided I was about nutrition. Jenn helped me see the importance of nutrition and the benefits of strength training, something I rarely incorporate into my fitness routine. After a few weeks in the program, my eating habits and fitness approach had changed.

I have seen lots of changes in my body (and ab muscles again)!! I have reduced my body fat and feel so much stronger. Plus my husband told me I’m in the best shape he’s ever seen!  Thank you Jenn:)


Are you interested in increasing your strength while seeing results in your physique? Would you want to improve your nutrition without the stress of dieting and see results? Do you want to feel confident, energetic and motivated to look and feel your best?

I would love to work with you to help you get the results you are after!! This challenging and effective six week program includes an initial consult- 3 strength and 2 conditioning workouts with weekly updated workouts-custom nutrition guidance with the application of advanced nutrition strategies for optimal results-sample meal plans -daily check in’s and bi-weekly progress assessments-private online group community-accountability-recipes- weekly food and fitness tips and motivation!



Strong and Sculpted starts Monday October 3rd!! and I would love to work with you! There are only going to be 15 spots open so I can conduct individual consults and nutrition plans.

I would love to work with you and be a part of your fitness journey! Please email me at to set up your Free 20 minute phone consult and start loving the way you eat, move and feel about your body!!

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