Strong and Sculpted Online Training+Nutrition Program


I want to have a leaner legs and midsection.


I want to gain muscle and strength.


I want to sculpt muscle and lose inches.


I want to lose bodyfat while gaining muscle.

These are the words straight from my current online clients and they are currently dropping clothing sizes, building lean muscle and increasing strength!!

Are you working out but not seeing the results you desire?  Do you know what exercises are most effective to help you achieve your goals? Are you tired of feeling like you are not getting the results you desire and spending lots of time in the gym or jumping from program to program? Would you like to ‘tone’ up while losing a little {bf}, have your clothes fit better and show off some new muscles?jennp-4192








Registration is officially open for my Strong and Sculpted online training and nutrition program and it begins Monday February 27!!

If your goal in 2017 is to see amazing results in your physique from a well designed results driven training plan that implements all of the important training variables such as intensity, volume, proper form, tempo, exercise selection and adequate recovery is the key to seeing results paired with advanced nutrition strategies: a macronutrient based approach, nutrient timing and carb cycling to really dial things in and accelerate your results than Strong and Sculpted is the program for you!! 

The ladies in my current programs are killing it and having so much fun!!


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This six week high level program includes:

A periodized lean muscle building training program (2 upper body, 2 lower body, 2 HIIT cardio workouts )-updated weekly and designed to prevent your workouts from becoming stagnant, so you continue to see results and new muscle!!

Video training series teaching you how to use carb cycling for the physique you desire by eating the right amount of calorie\macronutrients for your goals and learn how to make it work in your lifestyle, along with hybrid methods of food tracking to take the stress out of your nutrition.

Actionable PDF’s, easy food prep strategies, macronutrient lists and sample menu’s

Very active and supportive private facebook community with daily actionable deliverables and daily check-in’s with me.

Email access to me anytime you have questions during the program.

My 100% commitment and dedication that I will coach you to reach your goals!!

There are very few programs on the market like this and I am confident that this program will deliver results!!

If having a training and nutrition program that not only delivers results but promotes flexibility and fun then this is most certainly the program for you!!

Here’s what you can expect after signing up:

After initial sign up you will be emailed waiver and consent forms as well as a client consult form.

Once all forms and documents are emailed back to me you will receive an email with detailed instructions to set up your training app and invite to private facebook group.

The week prior to starting our program all nutrition documents will be sent in a Welcome To The Program email. 

**Everyone in the Lift To Get Lean boot camp is required to check-in to the facebook group on a daily basis!

Space will be limited as I like to keep my groups small to give my clients the attention they deserve❤


You can visit my website site to sign up or for more info!!


Or if you would like to chat with me on the phone so I can answer all of your questions we can do that too!

 Schedule your consult call here


I would love to coach you in this program!!


XO, Jenn



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