Accountability is the “Bee’s Knees” To Our Results



Let’s talk about accountability shall we 🙂

It’s probably the first thing every single new client mentions on our consult calls, “I need accountability”


There is absolutely nothing wrong with needing accountability and in some form or fashion we can all benefit from it.

Has this ever happened to you?

  • You didn’t feel like showing up for a class you signed up for at the gym.
  • You didn’t sleep well and want to cancel on your session with your trainer.
  • Life gets busy and motivation to exercise starts to decline.
  • You are stressed out and it’s easier to run through the drive-thru than stop at the grocery store?

Recently one of my in-person training clients was struggling with her nutrition so we made a few habit changes and I asked that she send me a pic of her breakfast every morning. This has worked really well for her and now a new habit is established and it’s just part of her routine and has made her more mindful of her nutrition the rest of the day!

My online clients love the accountability component of our program. During our bi-weekly check in’s they have told me how they have stayed on track during travel for work and on family vacations when normally they wouldn’t. I love that 🙂

Whether you are trying to go down a few clothing sizes, be more active, eat better or work on building a lean physique accountability is key to staying in the game for the long haul. Especially now that the holiday’s are coming up and life can get a little sideways. The first thing to be put on the back burner is our workouts and nutrition habits go out the window.


In fact, a few years ago I started training with my BFF because I was in a slump and needed that extra push and accountability. I even hired an online personal trainer this past summer. Not only so I could get out of my own headspace but to have another professional’s guidance, make me step outside of my comfort zone and kick my nutrition into high gear and I loved it!!

Here’s a few ways you can have more accountilby:

  • Enlist the help of a friend, neighbor or spouse to schedule some workouts, grocery shopping trips or even just a few long walks a week together.


  • Hire a personal trainer. Even if it’s for a short period of time to get you going in the right direction and out of your slump.
  • Sign up for my Fit and Festive Boot Camp!!

I know the holiday’s are coming up and life is about to get even busier, I totally get it! I personally believe that we can make progress and reach our goals even when life gets crazy. That’s why I created my new online boot camp Fit and Festive.

My thought process is this-there is no better time than right NOW to make progress or even just maintain where you are so you don’t feel like New Years is a “Do Over”

This highly effective six week program includes:

Five fat burning workouts that require minimal equipment and updated weekly. Your personalized training app with calendar, daily workout reminders, and progress tracking.

Easy to implement carb cycling nutrition program with sample meal ideas.

Bi-Weekly check in’s with me to ensure you are making progress.

Private group community of like minded women with similar goals.

Live weekly trainings.

Registration closes tomorrow 11\1 and this will be my last group program for the year!

This online bootcamp is being offered at the very discounted holiday rate for all of this very effective workout + nutrition coaching and six weeks of ongoing coaching.

Fill out the contact form HERE or email

Let’s make this holiday season your best one yet!!

XO, Jenn







Registration is officially open for my Fit and Festive Online Fall Boot Camp!!


 I’m so excited that the time is finally here to open registration for my newest online boot camp Fit and Festive!!

Burn Fat-Build Lean Muscle-Get Results

How will we accomplish that? By utilizing quick and efficient Metabolic Density and HIIT Circuits all 30 minutes or less because we know our workout time is limited during the holidays. This combo of training protocol and effective carb cycling strategies will promote fat loss but still allowing you to enjoy the holiday season and continue to make results!

This six week program includes:

Five fat burning workouts that require minimal equipment and updated weekly. Your personalized training app with calendar, daily workout reminders, and progress tracking.

Easy to implement carb cycling nutrition program with sample meal ideas.

Bi-Weekly check in’s with me to ensure you are making progress.

Private group community of like minded women with similar goals.

Live weekly trainings.
Fit and Festive starts Monday November 7th and space will be limited. You can fill out the contact form for more info, contact me or sign up HERE.

I Tossed The Scale And So Should You!


Here’s an all too familiar scenario.You keep your nutrtion on point all week and by Friday you let loose  and maybe splurge a little more than you planned on over the weekend, and that’s ok. But you decide to hop on the scale to only find that it went up several pounds since Friday!!!! Or maybe you just came back from vacation and decided to throw caution to the wind and be very relaxed with your diet while on vacation, that’s cool too by the way and now the scale puts you in all out panic mode.The scale increase is just a reflection of consuming more carbohydrates as they make you retain water #becausescience and add a few extra cocktails and add a few salty meals to the mix and the scale suddenly is not your friend 😦

There isn’t a week that goes by that a client meets with me for our weekly training sessions, messages me or reaches out to me as a new client and laments over their frustration with the scale!! I can totally empathise with my clients as years back I felt the same way too!

Using the scale as a weight loss tool might not be the best way to track progress because the tendency is to let the number on the scale dictate how we eat and exercise and that is doing ourselves and injustice. A big component of my coaching is to have my clients focus on ‘Non Scale Victories’ as well as building consistent but doable habits for long lasting results!

It’s the habits that we practice day in and day out that leads to results! #TRUTH

Here’s a few check-in’s from my current online boot camp clients, they make me swoon!

-Another win!! I just bought some new workout clothes in a size smaller and they fit perfectly! Those previous 12 weeks of boot camp worked and I can’t wait to see more changes this 6 weeks!

-I completed all of my workouts, I planned my food for the day and my nutrition has been on point this week.

-I was wearing a sleeveless shirt and my co-workout commented that my arms looked buff!

In fact, in my online boot camps and 1 on 1 training I actually place very little emphasis on the scale to measure progress and focus on using pictures, measurements, strength progress and how my clients clothes fit instead.

Because the scale can’t tell you how consistent you have been with your workouts and nutrition or how awesome you really are!

I’m going to let you in on a little secret…I am working on a new online boot camp this fall because:

1. I don’t believe in waiting for New Years to start crushing goals.

2. A little extra accountability never hurt anyone during the busy holiday season.

3. Because it’s going to be fun and super effective!!!

But if you don’t want to wait until then I have a few 1 on 1 online coaching spots open. I would love to work with you! You can email and we can chat about how I can help you reach your fitness goals!!

Talk Soon!

XO, Jenn

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Transformation Tuesday


This girl!! My client has been crushing her goals for the past few years and she’s ecstatic about her progress by the way of getting stronger, leaner and her confidence is through the roof!!

Though we could not ‘spot train’ her mid section it was the an area that was taking a little longer to see changes in. This is not uncommon, especially after having children.

So for the past several months we have implemented a few key but simple strategies to her macronutrient timing and split along with including more unilateral and core focused strength training to really tie it all in and the results show in these pictures!!

I have a few VIP one-on-one online coaching spots open this month. Fill out the contact form for more information because I would love to help you ‘Find Your Fit’



When Your Goals Change Without You Even Realizing It

Have you ever sat down to think about and really nail down what your goals are? I think this is a crucial step when someone is either starting or wanting to progress in their fitness journey, and create a plan of action from there. While this is important and I encourage all of my clients to do this when we first start working together, the really interesting thing I notice is the switch of goals and mindset about exercise that I see in clients after they start strength training.

Even in my online boot camps we set goals early on in the program, and not just fat loss goals either. We focus on performance based goals such as progressing an exercise or increasing the amount of weight lifted or having to take less rest breaks during our sets. Then we celebrate these non scale victories together at the end of the week!

By the way…I am opening one more round of my  new online boot camp called Strong and Sculpted!! It starts Monday October 3rd!! Registration just opening this week and you can find out all the deets here. I would love to work with you so please reach out to me if you are interested or have any questions!!

While my job is to coach my clients to help them reach their goals in the most safe and effective manner possible via a training and nutrition plan to reflect these goals, sometimes during their programs their mindset and the original goals they thought they wanted isn’t the same anymore!!

For example:

When I first started working with my client, doing a  chin-up wasn’t even one of her goals when we initially started working together, fat loss was. My client was stuck in a rut with her workouts, had hit a plateau and was not seeing results anymore. She was basically going through the motions of her fitness routine at this point.

But over time as we progressed her training program to focus on building muscle, slowly implemented doable nutrition strategies to support her training and her goals she saw incredible changes. Her strength was increasing, body composition changing, clothing sizes went down and was achieving things she never thought possible💕💪🏻



Yup! She’s Bad Ass 🙂


Now  her goals are to continue to increase her reps on chin-ups as well as setting PR’s for her other lifts. Her mindset has shifted and we are continually working on building up her body by the way of lean muscle tissue and adjusting her nutrition strategies to help support  these changes.

Even though she trains with me in-person, I can still help you achieve the same results with my VIP one-on-one online coaching services. I have a few coaching spots open this month and I would love to work with you! Send me an email@spingirl78@gmail or fill out the contact form for more details about my online coaching services

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This is exactly what I needed to get me back on track after having my second baby


“This was exactly what I needed to help me get back on track after having my second baby”


Brandi Laywer 5-2016-8-2016

During my entire pregnancy, I followed Jenn on social media and knew that as soon as my son was born I wanted to join her for training.  The boot camp was perfect for me.  I was really nervous at first because I hadn’t been working out or worrying about my nutrition for months.  Jenn made it entire program so easy to implement.  The nutrition part was the biggest shift for me but Jenn provided tons of information on how to implement.  After the first week, I got the hang of it.  Now it’s 12 weeks later and I know exactly how I need to eat to fuel my body.  I have more energy during the day and I hardly even have those “fat” days anymore.  You know what I’m talking about!  The workouts are also easy to follow and I’m able to do them each night after my kids go to bed.  

I’ve been amazed at how far I can push my body.  I’m stronger and healthier than I’ve ever been in my entire life.  All of my pre-baby clothes fit and most of them are too loose now.  I definitely see some shopping in my near future!  For the first time in years, I’m wearing more dresses and skirts and tucking my shirt in because that little belly pudge is disappearing!  I’ve also given up the scale battle! I’m not going to be defined by a number.  It’s all about how strong and healthy I feel and how my clothes fit.  Who cares what that number says?!

The thing I’m most proud of through this program is that I’m setting a great example for my daughter.  Now she’s pretending to workout and talking about how she’s going to have strong muscles like mommy.  I’m so glad that I’m setting a healthy example for her.  I can’t wait to continue on this fitness journey to see how far I can go!

WOW! My clients always totally blow me away!!

But here’s the thing..

What’s equally but almost more important than her dropping inches and multiple clothing sizes is that at every check-in she told me she loved that she was getting stronger, eating in an enjoyable but sustainable way for her busy lifestyle without stress and all of this trumped what the scale showed. Love this!!

After completing my Summer Shred online bootcamp Phase 1&2 she is now gearing up for my NEW online bootcamp called Strong and Sculpted and it’s six weeks full of muscle sculpting and flexible lifestyle ‘carb cycling’ designed to deliver major results!! She’s pumped and I’m so excited to see her reach all of her goals.

This round of Strong and Sculpted that starts September 12th is already full but I am strongly considering opening up another round in early October. If you would like to get on that waitlist or get more information please fill out the contact form and I will get back to you as soon as possible!
XO, Jenn

Transformation Tuesday+Trusting The Process

Hey There! Happy Tuesday 🙂

It’s already been a productive morning so far, which I love. It started with an early morning three mile dog walk with my hubby, some content planning and already trained a few clients.

Today I wanted to talk about ‘Trusting The Process’

I’m sure you have heard the phrase above many times before. Maybe you are even reading this and thinking, what can you possibly say different that I don’t already know or have heard. I understand how you may feel and I’m sure I’ve had other situations in my life where I told myself I had to have trust in the process too. I believe in it, hence the reason for this blog post and I hope you will too after reading this!

One of the biggest things that I believe that trips people up and prevents them from making progress is not sticking with a plan or program  because they allow old habits, or ways of thinking creep in and derail things.

Or they hire a coach, trainer, nutritionist and want the help but just don’t fully trust what they are saying could really help them and old ways start to slip back in.

Because we all know that doing the same things over and over again leads to the same results!!

When I first meet with my clients or just checking in with them to see how they feel about their workouts, progress, nutrition etc I always want them to understand what we are doing in terms of their training program and nutrition. I go through their past dieting and workout history to dig deeper to find out what worked, what didn’t and why, and then coming up with a plan to not run into these set backs again.

I want my clients to have trust in me and the program I am creating for them. If something is not working for them or not making the progress they desire I want them to feel comfortable coming to me and coming up with a plan together, as a team.

I strongly believe that if you do not 100% trust the fitness professional that you hire to help you, results can certainly be compromised. #TRUTH

That’s why I am so grateful Jill reached out to me to help her with her fitness journey and the results are incredible!!

I’ve actually had the pleasure of being friends with Jill for the past 8 years, and when she reached out to me to help her get her body back after baby I was more than thrilled! She joined my Summer Shred online boot camp and went on to rock ‘Phase 2’ as well!

These progress pics are 12 weeks apart and her results are phenomenal!




Here’s how Jill feels about her progress:

I have always considered myself an active person, but would not have described myself as fit. Prior to working with Jenn, I spent my time concentration on cardio and yo-yo dieting. I gained lots of weight with my first child. After his birth, I headed back to the gym. I returned to my old cardio and “dieting” ways. I wasn’t seeing results with what I was doing. Looking for something new I decided to join Jenn’s online boot camp Summer Shred.  

I am a stay at home mom with a husband who travels weekly for work. Working out when my 14 month old is awake is impossible. With Jenn’s online program, I can take an hour during nap time and focus on me. I can do it all from my living room with minimal equipment. I love that I simply log into her online training app and have the day’s workout right in front of me. I constantly use the videos to make sure I am doing each exercise with correct form. The accountability aspect of checking in with my daily meals have also kept me on track in the kitchen.

I’m proud to say after two rounds of Jenn’s online boot camp my clothes are loose. I can see definition in my arms, abs and thighs. I am getting compliments from family and friends, and my confidence is through the roof!!
I am so impressed with Jill’s positive attitude even on those not so perfect days, because let’s be honest, they are going to happen. Plus her consistency and dedication to her training and nutrition truly is shown right here in these pics!!

FYI- I just opened up registration for my Strong and Sculpted Online Boot Camp yesterday and it’s already more than half full from the waitlist. 

If you are a motivated women looking to get stronger, leaner, while feeling and looking your best this year then this is the program for you!! You can find out more info right HERE or email me at for more details on my Strong and Sculpted Online Boot Camp!! 

I would love to work with you!

XO, Jenn



Are You Happy?

Have you ever asked yourself the question, Am I happy? in regards to your workouts, the foods you eat on a daily basis or even your progress? Have you ever found yourself so excited about starting a new program regardless what the workouts or diet plan requires and by the end of week two you are tired, hungry, miserable and skipping workouts? If you said YES! you are not alone because the majority of my clients have come to me with a similar problem. The program they are doing is so time consuming or restrictive that they can’t keep the mojo going long enough to see long lasting results.


That’s why I ask, Are You Happy? to all of my clients when we meet for our monthly assessments whether they are in person, in an online group boot camp or a VIP one-one one online coaching client.

Which by the way if you are interested…there are only a few days and a few spots left for my VIP online coaching June fitness special. Buy one month and get the second free!! You can find out all the deets HERE!!

If my clients don’t enjoy their workout program, the foods that they are eating and not seeing progress then it’s time to delve deeper into why they are not happy and finding what will work best for them.


I program workouts for my clients that are designed to fit their abilities, goals, keep them challenged but not over worked and easily fits into their lifestyle. Not the other way around. Same goes for their nutrition. We will discuss what their struggles are and work on developing a habits based approach that does not stress them out and allows them to be more consistent and has them seeing progress!!

Just yesterday I chatted with one of my new online coaching clients about her progress. She is a busy working mom who was tired of working out, dieting and not seeing the scale budge or even watching it go up!! She wanted to workout from home due to time restraints with kids and work. She had tried diets before and tracked calories all to lose weight and then gain it back. Since she’s started her VIP program she is down almost seven pounds just by making some nutritional changes, said she is eating more food than she was before, did not feel deprived at all and was so happy with her progress in just a short amount of time!!

Fitness and nutrition does not have to black or white or even all or nothing. It does not have to feel strenuous, or stress you out. What matters most is that you enjoy what you are doing and can maintain those habits for the long term!!



I would love to hear from you and learn what you love about your current fitness and\or nutrition habits!!



If you like you can connect with me here as well 🙂



Email Subscribers


#TT-Why I’ve gained 15 pounds!


Last week I was on a phone consult with one of my online clients. We were chatting about her progress since we have recently switched up her workout program and nutrition for muscle gain. We’ve worked together for the last eight months and she has successfully reached her goal of losing 40 pounds, has increased her strength and confidence 🙂 Now we are switching gears and working to get even stronger and improve her physique by adding a little more muscle to it. She does all of her workouts from home four days a week and is a total rockstar!!

Her journey reminds me of my own. You can read about it in this POST. I lost 40 pounds after tipping the scales at 175 and since then have been on the hustle to build more muscle. I can totally understand how scary it can be to switch gears like this. The fear to eat a little bit more, lift a little heavier, to see the scale go up or even clothes get a bit tighter is nerve wrecking because that’s not what’s been instilled in our minds all of these years. But the result of this shift in mindset will lead to a leaner, stronger, tighter, and highly functioning healthy body.

When I first meet with clients the most common fitness goals I hear are, I want to look toned, tighter and leaner which essentially means building muscle. I wanted that exact same look and realized that teaching 3+ cardio classes a week, plus running and lifting light weights was not providing me with the results I was after. Why work so hard and have nothing to show for it or at least not the results I wanted.

The picture here on the left I’m 175lbs and on the right 135lbs.


Then in 2013 I really started to put my focus on heavy lifting and made big changes to my workout program\split and nutrition.


The picture on the left in 2012 I was around 128lbs and the pictures on the right was a few weeks ago at around 142.

The picture on the left is from 2014 and the picture on the right is a snap from last week. A little side note- I’m really digging Snapchat and I’m sharing a ton of my meals, work life and lot’s of other fun stuff!! Just search for jennpedefit. I would love for you to connect with there too 🙂



I realize that in this post I’m talking quite a bit about weight, particularly mine.

I just wanted to show that the scale can go up and you can look completely different and by different I mean lean, toned, muscular or whatever you choose to call it. So the number on the scale does not give this perspective.



I’m not a big fan of the scale and have been even getting away from using the scale as a progress measurement tool with my clients. I take more of a habits based and non scale victory approach because when long term habits are doable and consistent they will lead to fat loss and\or muscle gain.

How did I do it? Eat more food- by the way of carbohydrates and slowly increasing calories, lifting heavier and continually improving my nutrition. Playing around with amount, quality, and food split while cycling my workouts. As some of these variables change some things do stay consistent, like being consistent with my program and nutritional guidelines. Now consistent does not mean perfect. I pride myself for hanging out in the ‘grey’ area or what some people call moderation and do the same for all of my clients. I make lifting weights a priority and do so 3-4 days a week and vary the intensity, volume and frequency of my training. The other days might involve some hiit, bodyweight circuits and sprints depending on the program I’m in and what my goals are.

What am I doing right now? I’m cycling my nutrition by the way of carbohydrates and adding in more HIIT and steady state cardio into my program while still lifting 3 days a week. These are some of the strategies I’m using with my Lift To Get Lean online boot camp clients right now and they are getting amazing results!!

What’s my plan for the future? In about a month or so I’m going to switch up my workout program into a heavier lifting phase, decrease cardio and slowly increase calories back up again to work on building more muscle.


Heads up ladies!! I am starting a waitlist for my next round of Lift To Get Lean online boot camp. It’s going to roll out towards the end of March and for the next few weeks I will be sending out free LTGL workouts, recipes, nutrition and mindset hacks.

You can sign up for all of these freebies + you will be the first to know and get early access on early bird pricing by clicking HERE 




Can You Strength Train For Fat Loss??

Yesterday I had lunch with a good friend who recently just finished my Summer Shred Online Boot Camp and is now running through her second round of it 🙂 So proud of her!! She said she feels much stronger, lost several inches and her clothes are fitting better already!!

Since we know each other really well I asked for her honest feedback about the program. Her exercise background is in running and we did work together for several months doing one-on-one training after her second child and she had amazing results. She has a career, husband and two beautiful girls to look after. Basically she’s a very busy woman!!

She loved the ease of using the online app with all of the workouts programmed for her in her calendar, daily workout reminders and being able to track her workouts to see how she’s progressing. The workouts fit into her busy lifestyle and she even worked out in a hotel gym which was a first for her because she knew exactly what to do and felt comfortable doing it!! But the main thing she talked about was how much “cardio” she felt like she was getting even though she was weight training. A feeling familiar to her from hitting the pavement but not lifting weights. I smiled because this was the intent of the program!!

There are so many ways to increase the intensity and burn of a workout. It’s hard to pick one but programming workouts for my clients is one of the things I love about my job 🙂


So How Do You Strength Train For Fat Loss?

1.Place the emphasis on compound movements and larger muscle groups like push ups, squats, pull ups, deadlifts, and rows. By focusing on these movements you create a more metabolically demanding-aka more fat burning workout and use a ton of muscle.

  1. Lift heavy!! Now this is going to be different for everyone. Make sure that the last few reps are challenging but always keep good from. If you can do more than the listed number of reps you should increase your weights.
  1. Use combination exercises, circuits and complexes.


Combination exercises are two exercises paired together, usually and upper and lower body paired together. Some examples are Db Thrusters,Renegade row, Step up with single arm press.


  1. Circuits are several exercises in a row and you move quickly from one to the next. The best way to program a circuit is to alternate a push, pull core, and lower body exercise so that the whole body gets worked. It decreases the risk of muscular imbalances by not allowing one part of the body to get over worked. Plus it allows one body part to work while the other is resting so the overall work capacity is increased.
  1. Complexes are several exercises strung together as one and the goal is to complete the whole complex before resting. Complexes can be done for time or for a certain amount of sets using Db’s, a barbell or even your own bodyweight. Complex workouts are typically shorter in nature and are perfect for the days you need a quick sweat session!! I love programming complex’s at the start of my fat loss clients training sessions 🙂



There are many way to program a strength workout for fat loss but these are some of my faves!

Here’s a quickie Metabolic Strength Circuit from my Summer Shred Online Boot Camp, Phase 1-Week#1

Remember to always get the consent of a doctor before you start a new exercise program 🙂

Circuit #1 x’s 3 sets

Plank and Db Row- 8 L|R

Db Push Press- 10

Db Elevator Squats-10

Circuit #2 x’s 3 sets

Db Walking Lunges- 15 L|R

Up and Down Plank- 10 total

Db Glute Bridges (heavy)- 15

Finisher: Power Jacks :20 ON :OFF x’s 4

By the way! I am offering for an amazing online fitness special for the entire month of June!!

My custom VIP one-on-one online training and nutrition combo packages are BUY ONE GET THE NEXT MONTH FREE!! 

Are you working out consistently, eating “healthy” and you’re still not seeing the results you desire? Or are you just ready to take things to the next level and want to see incredible results? Either way this is the opportunity for you to jump on now!! 

My online clients have been getting amazing results and love the ease, custom program design, accountability, structure and results that my VIP online training provides them.

After our initial one-on-one phone assessment I will customize a workout and nutrition program that fits your goals and lifestyle. I will provide you with a progressive approach to strength training along with a habits and physique oriented based approach to nutrition that will bring you superior results.

 Because I strongly believe there is no one sized fits all approach to fitness and nutrition!!

I am excited to work with you and can’t wait to celebrate your achievements together!!

Please fill out the contact form for more details. Space is limited because I like to give my clients the perfect amount of attention that is required to make them successful!! 

XO, Jenn