My New Favorite Breakfast+Food Prep Tips




Do you tend to get tired of the same meals over and over again? This is not uncommon and I can certainly get stuck on a favorite meal and will eat it if for weeks or even months until I get sick of it! Sounds familiar?

I wanted to share my new favorite breakfast to give you an new idea so you can spice up your meals especially breakfast since that’s the meal that seems to have less variety than lunch and dinner.

Bison Breakfast Bowl

2oz Bison meat

1 egg+3 whites

1\2 cup riced cauliflower

I did a Facebook live the other day showing how I made this and shared a few food prep hacks if you want to check that out.

A little fun fact about me-I like to eat all of my meals in a bowl with a spoon. #nojudgies 🙂

I encourage making protein a priority in all of my meals\snacks, but a girl can only eat so much chicken. So I recently decided to try Grass Fed Bison and have loved it ever since. I purchase mine at Costco but I’m sure you can find it at other stores too.Bison is a super healthy, high protein, low fat meat. It also has lots of other health benefits including a healthy dose of Omega 3’s, has an abundance of CLA’s (which is a fat blocker) and aids in the risks of metabolic disorders and cancer and also contains selenium which has been know to improve mood.

This may be a little TMI but it also has improved my digestion (but this has never been a problem for me) and that’s never a bad thing 🙂

Another reason why I have been loving this breakfast is that is keeps me full and satisfied for hours!! About a year ago I started eating a lower carb-higher protein-moderate fat breakfast and it not only has kept me fuller longer than my Protein Pancake breakfast but it helped with my cravings the rest of the day. Not that there is anything wrong with carbs, in fact I am a big fan of them. But sometimes switching up the nutrient timing of certain foods has an effect on their hunger, energy and cravings.This is just one of the strategies I use quite a bit in my online boot camps!!

Speaking of, I am in the beginning stages of programming a new online boot camp for Jan 2017. I’m so pumped!!

Whenever I coach my clients whether that are in-person or online I always delve deep into their nutritional habits. My goal is to help them with developing new nutrition strategies and come up with a meal plan that keeps them satiated and most importantly making sure what they are eating provides them results with no deprivation!!

Let me know if you make this Bison Breakfast Bowl and how you like it!

XO, Jenn

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