Do you celebrate your wins or focus on the losses?

This year I had my Fit Body Boot Camp girls and I pick ONE goal that we wanted to work on for 2015. Then I had them take it a step further and had them write three steps that would help them achieve that goal. This past Friday was our final meeting for the year to discuss what we had achieved.

I’ve been working with many of these women for several years and this year in particular was quite successful for all of them. Many of them lost weight {one woman lost 13 pounds this year} improved body composition aka *more muscle*, drank more water, fit into their clothes better, had perfect doctors reports, committed to exercising more and preparing food ahead of time to improve eating habits.

I believe they were super successful for a few reasons. By writing the steps down and having a plan of action kept them focused on that one goal.Many of them had paired up as accountability partners. Having our quarterly check in’s served as a reminder that even if they fell off track they still had time, support and motivation from each other to get there.

But there was one thing I did notice despite all the success that they had achieved. The focus always shifted to all the things they didn’t do or felt they messed up on. Why do we do that to ourselves? Why can’t we be happy with what we have worked so hard to achieve and be OK with that? Why can’t we be proud that we are exercising more, drinking more water but then focus on letting things slip up the last few weeks because life got stressful.

It’s totally OK!

Why can’t we proud that we worked so hard for the last 11 months but we get down about what we didn’t do the past 14 days?

It’s time to look at the big picture!!

The little things you try to do everyday, not just the few things you didn’t do last week.

Let’s stop being so hard on ourselves and be more loving and compassionate when shit isn’t perfect.

There is no deadline, but there is a lifetime to continue to make it right.


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