When Your Goals Change Without You Even Realizing It

Have you ever sat down to think about and really nail down what your goals are? I think this is a crucial step when someone is either starting or wanting to progress in their fitness journey, and create a plan of action from there. While this is important and I encourage all of my clients to do this when we first start working together, the really interesting thing I notice is the switch of goals and mindset about exercise that I see in clients after they start strength training.

Even in my online boot camps we set goals early on in the program, and not just fat loss goals either. We focus on performance based goals such as progressing an exercise or increasing the amount of weight lifted or having to take less rest breaks during our sets. Then we celebrate these non scale victories together at the end of the week!

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While my job is to coach my clients to help them reach their goals in the most safe and effective manner possible via a training and nutrition plan to reflect these goals, sometimes during their programs their mindset and the original goals they thought they wanted isn’t the same anymore!!

For example:

When I first started working with my client, doing a  chin-up wasn’t even one of her goals when we initially started working together, fat loss was. My client was stuck in a rut with her workouts, had hit a plateau and was not seeing results anymore. She was basically going through the motions of her fitness routine at this point.

But over time as we progressed her training program to focus on building muscle, slowly implemented doable nutrition strategies to support her training and her goals she saw incredible changes. Her strength was increasing, body composition changing, clothing sizes went down and was achieving things she never thought possible💕💪🏻



Yup! She’s Bad Ass 🙂


Now  her goals are to continue to increase her reps on chin-ups as well as setting PR’s for her other lifts. Her mindset has shifted and we are continually working on building up her body by the way of lean muscle tissue and adjusting her nutrition strategies to help support  these changes.

Even though she trains with me in-person, I can still help you achieve the same results with my VIP one-on-one online coaching services. I have a few coaching spots open this month and I would love to work with you! Send me an email@spingirl78@gmail or fill out the contact form for more details about my online coaching services

Oh Hey!

Let’s connect here too:




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